Dog left by owner who moved to another place holds tightly to woman neighbor

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A video clip showing a brown and whte dog holding dearly to a woman’s leg has caught the attention of  nearly two  million viewers on TikTok alone; not to count the attention it gained on many Facebook pages which shared the clip.

The uploader who goes by the handle @pincamycin shared the video which purportedly showed her mother being held tighly by their neighbor’s dog.

Pincamycin shared “Lilipat na ng bahay mga amo nya at maiiwan sya mag isa.” She added. “Nanghihingi siya ng tulong sa Mama ko.”

Apparently, from the comments we gathered that the dog owners were about to leave on that fateful day when the video was taken by the daughter of the woman seen with the dog. Pets were not allowed where the owners were moving; probably a condo unit or some housing where furbabies are not allowed. Could also be because of some other personal reason which were not divulged.

From the looks of the dog it’s easy to see it was well-fed. It was also very obvious that the dog wouldn’t let go of the woman’s legs; as if hanging to his dear life.


A lot of netizens felt so much pity for the poor pet and anger towards the owners for leaving him behind. Many put emphasis on dog owners’ responsibility towards their pets.

“Pls pet owners, never leave them behind. Pets think you’re their family.” This sums up many of the comments.

Many expressed concern for the dog and some even offered to take the dog in.  But no worries. How could they refuse a dog who was pleading in such a touching way? Netizens asked for updates; to which the daughter responded by sharing a few more videos of the dog,

In another vid clip, a man who appears to be the woman’s husband, has taken the dog home; just across the street.

In other videos, they shared how happy the dog is now, whose name we later found out is Conan. The new furparents also showed gifts of dog food and toys from netizens and thanked them.

In addition, the family also has two other dogs which became Conan’s mates. Conan spent a happy Christmas and New Year with his new family! Plus, no more chains for Conan!

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