The Perfect Cat Tree? ‘Purr’ Parents express delight over amazing ‘playtree’ for their beloved pets

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If you’re a cat lover and you’re all for what makes your fur babies happy, you’ll probably wish you have a cat tree to make your cats happier.

Cat trees come in many variations and sizes. Whatever the style and whatever it’s called – cat condos, climbing tress, etc –  cats are most interested to jump in and out of ‘branches’, boxes and whatever is there. Cats are curious, you see, and they love climbing.

As Max’s Corner explained, “Most cats enjoy being in high places. Whether it’s a high shelf, a window perch or the top of the refrigerator, your cat may feel more comfortable in the upper half of the room where he can keep an eye on the world around and below him with greater confidence.” See? Aptly explained!

You’ll find many beautiful designs of cat trees; made of different materials on the internet. However, a post caught the interest of many cat lovers.

Cat Attack Facebook page shared three photos of a cat tree and it has drawn more than 60K hearts and ‘wows’ and has been shared by more than 20,000 online users. Comments on the post have reached over 7,000! Why? Because the indoor cat tree seems so perfect for our purr babies. Yes, mine included; we have two.

Some comments on the post are so funny you’d most probably relate to them, too. The majority, though, express awe and desire to have a similar cat tree which their beloved pets would surely love to climb.

“I made sure my cats did not see this. I’ll explore getting something like this, but if they see this now, I’ll never hear the end of it!”

“I completely understand! I have 13 very spoiled rescues and I’d NEVER hear the end of it either! Lol”

“Wow!! That’s Awesome!! My cats would swing like monkeys on that!! They would have a hay day on that!!” 😻😻😻

“I LOVE IT, I should NEVER have seen it !!! Arrrr!!”

“My babies would LOVE this!! If I could afford it 🥴 I’d gladly give it to them too❣️”

“Wow, that really says it all. I love it. Wow and it looks great in the room.”

“AWESOME. Almost looks like something out of Harry Potter.”

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