What a transformation! Single mom glows up from losing half her weight

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The holiday season is just around the corner and many are scared of adding weight during this festive celebration around the world. Well, there’s a mom who has just proven that losing much weight is possible!

In Pennsylvania, USA, Kimberly Nestorick, 26, shared that she tipped the scales over 300 lbs. Apparently, she had been wishing and struggling to lose weight for some years after she was mistaken to be twice her age. Not that she didn’t take notice of how big she was getting. Just that she didn’t mind it much then?

Well, when the pandemic started she started gaining more weight especially during the lockdowns when people were forced to stay home. She admitted that she gained 100 lbs (45 kgs); bringing her weight to more than 300 lbs in less than a year. Oh my!

She revealed she became an emotional eater everytime she got anxious or stressed as the pandemic posed many challenges. Many could relate to this, yes, but she  seemed to have panicked after seeing photos of them during the Family Day in school.

She said, “After seeing myself in those pictures I knew I needed to get healthy – for myself and for my daughter.”

But her weight loss journey hadn’t been an easy one in the past years. She only managed to shed off around 50 lbs. (22 kgs). “I need to figure how I can without using food as a way to do so,” she disclosed.

She then started doubling her efforts and began her six-times-a-week workout at a local gym. She also became more attentive to what she eats; sticking to a diet that works for her.

And alas! After almost a year of really trying her best  at discipline, she noted losing 130 lbs (58 kgs) which made her feel so good! And more than the physical transformation, she revealed that she’s now able to perform her motherly duties to her only child. Add rising confidence level to that

“I feel healthier and happier. I recently visited a ride in an amusement park that just last year I was too big to ride – it was so embarrasing. Now I can go on rides and participate in things with my daughter that I never could have before,” she shared with elation as per reports.

Kimberly now looks her age, with a glow up she never thought she’d have again.

“What a long journey & it’s not over yet,” she captioned her FB reel. She truly inspires those who are into their weight loss journey themselves.

Some friends commented on her transformation; emphasizing though that she was always beautiful.

“You were always beautiful inside & out, but this HEALTH transformation is something absolutely inspirational. You look (& I bet you feel) absolutely incredible!”

Look how happy she is now in a video shared by GMA Digital via YouTube:

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