PWD food server inspires netizens

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A Person with Disability (PWD) working as a server at a Korean restaurant earned praises from netizens after a customer posted about his outstanding service.

In a Facebook post, Ericka Mae Patalinghug shared a photo of Prince, who was wearing a note that says he is a PWD and can only communicate in writing, preferably in English.

“Yesterday, we had our dinner at Romantic Baboy, LKK branch. I was so happy to meet Kuya Prince, who served our food last night. Even with his condition, he quickly responded to our needs and happily assisted us. He’s a PWD and can only communicate through writing,” Ericka shared.

“TO KUYA PRINCE, Thank you for your OUTSTANDING SERVICE. More power and continue to inspire more people.”

She also thanked the establishment for giving an opportunity to PWDs.

“Kudos to Romantic Baboy, who opened their doors to persons with disability just like Kuya Prince.”

Ericka went on to share her realizations after this experience.

“1. Don’t let your disabilities or anything stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. 2. If they can do it, you can too. As long as you have the determination to do it,” she said. “I hope more companies will open their doors to people like Kuya Prince.

In the comment section, netizens thanked Romantic Baboy for not discriminating against PWDs because after all, they are also human beings in need of livelihood to support their basic needs.

“Dapat lahat ng company iconsider ang pag hire ng PWD, since need din nila ng work para matustusan mga pangangailangan nila, and di nila feel na iba sila sa mga normal na tao,” one said.

Other PWDs also share that they found a company that took them in and trusted their skills.

“I am deaf too. And currently working as a machine operator in General Trias since 2019. Thank you. Romantic Baboy for giving opportunities for PWDs. Two thumbs up for this one,” J. Castor commented.

“I’m a PWD also and napaka swerte ko sa company na trinatrabahoan ko ngayon, no discrimination basta may skills ka. Pasok ka kaagad,” another shared.

Wow! Truly glad to know these stories!

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