Newly-licensed physician dedicates success to late sister who inspired him to be a doctor

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A newly-licensed physician offered his success to his late sister who became his first “patient” and his inspiration to become a doctor.

In an Instagram post, he shared an old photo wherein he can be seen wearing a stethoscope while holding his sister’s NGT.

“To my five year old self in the first photo: You may not know yet what tf a steth and a NGT are at that time, but please just hold on tight bc it’s gonna be a wiiild ride for you. You’ll be facing more setbacks than victories as you grow up, but never ever lose sight of your hopes and whys,” he wrote.

He also dedicated his victory to his late sister who inspired him to strive to become a doctor.

In an interview with Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital, Dr. Estevez Evangelista shared that his sister did not live long enough to witness him achieve his goal. In 2016, she passed away due to cerebral palsy, he was a 2nd year med student then.

“She had cerebral palsy, the quadriplegic type. We shared the same birthday, just one year apart so I really held her very close to my heart. She died in 2016, she was 20y/o back then and I was in 2nd year med school,” he shared.

“I dedicated everything to her. She was the reason why I wanted to become a doctor in the first place. At a very young age, I already knew i wanted to go to med school and that’s all because of her.”

Netizens showered Dr. Evangelista with congratulatory messages.

“She’s very proud, Doctor Evez! Thank you for being the doctor the humanity needs! Best of luck on your future endeavors!” one netizen said.

“Congratulations! May you be an inspiration to others who lost a loved one to continue living, to choose to go on in life at ipagpatuloy ang mga pangarap kahit mahirap. I’m crying a river here. Congratulations again. God Bless you!” Janet W. said.

“I don’t personally know u doc but congratulations all the same. For sure, ur sister is very proud of u way way up there, may God bless u in ur chosen path, aja,” another commented.

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