A parent’s viral post becomes an inspirational goal to other parents

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Becoming a parent – in every sense of the word – is never easy. Indeed, there’s no such thing as perfect parenting or a perfect parent. There’s no perfect formula. We just learn how to be parents along the way and pick some sort of inspiration to help us in our role in the family.

Well, a Facebook user, Jenna Greever, shared a screenshot of a post which she said is, “This is literally it. My daily thought and prayer.”

And from the thousands of comments it continues to get and the number of times it has been shared (108K +), it is obvious that the message has touched many hearts. Because, indeed, it is so inspiring!

From a fellow parent’s viewpoint, it says that:

“My only goal is to raise children who still like me, love me, and want to be around me as an adult. Who pick up the phone, call me, checks on me, and makes time for me.

Imagine raising children who couldn’t wait to leave you or who intentionally stay away from you. There’d be no one to blame but YOU. That’s why it’s so important to respect your children, allow them to be themselves, speak life into them, pray for them, apologize when you need to and be mindful of the words that comes out of your mouth, because at the end, it’s not about what your intentions were, it’s about how you made them feel. Heal so you can raise children who don’t have to heal.

There’s no way to be a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a good one.”

Wow! Simply put but deep in meaning. If you’re a senior parent, perhaps this would make you look at this as a checklist.  Do my kids pick up the phone, call me, check on me, and make time for me? Do they still like me, love me, and want to be around me as an adult? Moreover, do my kids still enjoy having me around; seeking me out and spending some precious time with me?

“Perfectly said! I must have done something good because my Kids and Grands treat me Special and Keep me straight,” a grandmother happily reacts to this.

“My children and grandchildren show me love and respect. If we have differences they are over quickly and we are back on track. I’m a lucky Grandmom!!!”

If you’re a younger parent who still have the time to ponder on your parenting style, perhaps this would rub you differently., just like some netizens who love the inspiring post.

” This is the end goal with my kids!” as some shared in the comments section.

“I will forever try for this to be true”  🙂

“We will be our kid’s best friends.”

Some kids have even tagged their parents whom they think are aligned with the post. Such an exchange of loving remarks.

“You’re the mama that every child needs,” and Mom replies with, “Ahh thank you, I can only and have only done my best, it’s a rewarding but a hard lifelong commitment, but ask me if I would change it… no!”

“I love you so so much!!! Thank you for tagging me. Im not crying…..oh jeepers, yes i am!! Tears of joy”  🙂

And yes, there are some who think that if you can’t afford to raise a family, or don’t have the desire to be parents, you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Who wouldn’t agree with that?  🙂

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