Taho vendor who fell asleep on the road receives love, help from netizens

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Blessings poured for a taho vendor who fell asleep on the road.

In a Facebook post, Christiany Joy Lazaro shared a photo of the vendor who was later identified as Tatay Roming. She narrated that the photo was taken past 3 pm along a busy road in Bacolod.

“Amidst the monotony of people and cars, a Taho vendor fell asleep almost unnoticeably on this busy road. The plan was just to cross the street, but then I approached him. I was not sure at first if he was indeed asleep, so I said, ‘May ara pa?’, checking his Taho. No response. The man was indeed sleeping,” she narrated.

When she told him that she will buy taho, the man suddenly woke up.

“Again, I said ‘Bakal ko taho.’ I just had lunch but then I’m up for this treat! After saying ‘bakal’, I woke him up. He looked up startled with an embarrassed smile. For a 20pesos worth sweet cup, I gave a 50. I smiled and walked away hearing Tatay say, ‘Salamat, mam. Thank you, Lord.'”

Christiany said this is proof that some people are poor not because they are lazy.

“If you are reading this right now, don’t you dare say that people are poor because they are tamaran or because they cannot manage their expenses well. Some are just victims of circumstances,” she said.

The post already garnered more than 26k shares as of this writing and has even reached the vendor’s son, Joshua Ablo Espinosa, who expressed his utmost love and gratitude for his hardworking father.

“I’m so proud of you my hardworking papa. Thank you so much sa tanan nga sacrifices mo para mapa skwela ko. I appreciate all of your hard work just to see me finish my studies. iloveyou so much papa. Don’t worry I’ll do my best para malampuwas ta sa kapigadohon kag mabawi ko ang tanan nyo nga pangabudlay. Iloveyou papa,” he said.

Joshua also thanked kindhearted netizens who extended help for his family.

Meanwhile, the BACH Project PH invited him to join the Pet Adoption event held at the NGC Bacolod.

“In partnership with Tatay (and Nanay Salvacion, his very supportive wife) through his proud loving son Joshua Ablo Espinosa, we are giving FREE TAHO to everyone who wants it. Come and visit us today. Aside from the free taho, we have pets for adoption,” they shared in their Facebook post.

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