Single mom comforts son: ‘Ok lang ‘yan anak, doble kara naman si mommy’

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A simple but heartwarming post on Facebook reminds us all about the strength and love of single mothers.

They always say that mothers are special creatures made to pour love and care into their children’s lives. Loving mothers would go to great lengths to ensure their children’s happiness.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the most loving mothers can’t keep a family together. There are just many reasons why a marriage or a relationship fails and a child has to live with a dysfunctional family. There are also times when one is left with no choice, such as when one parent passes away.

Those reasons are particularly hard to explain, especially to young children. Sometimes, instead of explaining why a child doesn’t have a complete family, some parents would rather assure their child that they will always have enough love.

A single mother exactly did this when she noticed her young son looking over at a complete family.

On Facebook, Sheila Camille Fernandez shared the comforting words she gave to her son. As the young boy looked at a complete family eating nearby, she assured him that she loves him no matter what. Mommy Sheila said she could be both his son’s mommy and daddy.

She wrote, “Okay lang yon anakkk doble kara naman ako pwedeng mama pwedeng papa!! i love youuu!!”

The post went viral with more than 134,000 reactions on Facebook. It was also flooded with comments from netizens who were moved by the post. The short message moved many netizens, especially single mothers. Many were able to relate to how difficult but also rewarding it is to be a single mom.

A netizen wrote to Mommy Sheila, “Hindi ka nag-iisa. Gawin na lang natin inspirasyon upang mas magpursige pa.”

Another wrote, “Litrato na mabigat ang mensahe. Shoutout sa mga single Dad/Mom. Keep grinding!’

A mother also shared, “Kaya ako pinipilit ko na hindi maranasan ng anak ko kung anong hirap naranasan ko noon.”

May this message be a reminder of the strength and power of single moms. If you’re a single mom struggling to get by, “Yakap nang mahigpit, mommy!”

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