Netizen’s random act of kindness to a young girl who couldn’t afford a movie ticket earns admiration

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Netizens are so touched with a netizen’s random act of kindness for a young girl at a cinema house inside a mall in Cagayan De Oro City.

As per a Facebook post  which pulled at the heartstrings of netizens., Carla Nicole shared that a young girl approached her while she was queueing to purchase a movie ticket inside a mall. The girl asked her the price of a ticket to which she replied was four hundred pesos.

Apparently, the girl seemed shocked over the price; yet she remained standing near Carla Nicole. A few minutes after, the girl asked her if there’s a cheaper ticket.

“This girl approached me while nag line mi since the movie is about to start, she approached and asked me if how much ang ticket and so told her na 400 pesos and she was shocked and na hilom but never leave my side, couple of minutes she approached me again ”ate walay barato na ticket ana?”

It was so obvious, Carla Nicole said, that the girl truly wanted to see the movie One Piece Film: Red. Right there and then, Carla Nicole said she decided to buy the girl a ticket so she could watch, too.

Continuing her post, “Gi kumot jud akong dughan i know she really wanted to watch the movie One Piece Red so i decided to buy her ticket nalang para maka watch sad sya. 😊 Enjoy Baby girl I hope I made you happy ❤️”

Carla Nicole further shared that the girl was so happy and excited. The good thing is seats were still available so both of them were able to watch.

“She was so happy and excited good thing my seats available pa so sabay kami naka panuod ng one piece movie and magkalapit lang yung chair namin,” she shared.

“Life is not about receiving at all times; it is a combination of being thankful for what you have as blessings and sharing those blessings with others who need a little fraction of what you have,” she said in another post as caption to a reshared Pilipino Star Digital Ngayon post.

Indeed, sometimes a random act of kindness mean more than words can ever describe. That girl will remember to be kind to others, too.

Meanwhile, to those who are asking about the movie which the girl (and Carla Nicole) wanted to watch, there’s a trailer on YouTube!

Plus here’s a ‘come on’ post from a netizen Aaron Foxmoore on FB plus a suggestion to enjoy the movie more.


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