Briefcase for money or ‘mani’? Vendor wears suit, brings briefcase as he sells peanuts

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They say you have to dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. A vendor took this to heart and decided to dress up nicely as he walks around selling his peanuts from a special ‘container.’

A fancy suitcase for money?  No, it’s for ‘mani’!

A vendor impresses many as he dons a suit and even brings a briefcase as he sells peanuts. The video of the creative vendor was shared by netizen @jhanisv via TikTok.

According to the uploader, she was at the Soda Beach in Iligan City when she happened to see a man in a suit. Of course, she wondered what a man in a suit would be doing walking around with a suitcase at the beach. As the man approached and opened his briefcase, she was surprised that instead of money, it had ‘mani’!

The uploader was amazed and impressed with the marketing strategy. It looked like many also felt the same because many customers flocked to buy from the creative vendor.

She wrote in the caption of the video, “Just had to share this, natuwa ako sa kanya. Awesome marketing strategy si bossing. Daming bumili.”

The video went viral with over 1.2 million views and 119,000 reactions. It had 831 comments, most of which were positive encouragement and compliments on the vendor’s ingenuity and creativity.

A netizen wrote, “Ang saya tingnan makita si kuya na masaya sa ginagawa niya.”

Another commented, “Yan ang dress to success! Salute!”

And it looks like the viral vendor has been doing this for years.

A Facebook post by Roldan Briones identified the viral vendor as Bernie Mirafuentes, also known as “Atty. Mani,” the pride of Iligan City.

Roldan wrote about how Bernie is an inspiring breadwinner for his family. He said, “Isang nakaka-inspire na haligi ng tahanan ang aming nameet dito sa Soda Beach Sta Felomina, Iligan City, si Mr. Bernie Mirafuentes A.K.A. Atty Mani, pride of Iligan City, the viral nut vendor.”

You can watch the video of @jhanisv via TikTok:

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