Lola gets emotional over finally seeing her son again after so many years

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An old mother couldn’t help but be emotional as she received a very pleasant surprise — seeing her son again after so many years of being away!

On TikTok, netizen Caress Ann Almodiel (@narscaress) shared a video clip of how her grandmother reacted upon  finally seeing her son after so many years.

According to Caress, her lola was sitting near their gate as she patiently waited for the arrival of her daughter, Caress’ mother. But Lola was unaware that there was a surprise waiting for her. Her son was also coming home!

Caress explained, “My lola patiently waiting for my mom to arrive from Manila. Little did she know that her son is also coming home after many years.”

In the video, lola can be seen definitely surprised as soon as she recognized her son.

She even clapped her hands in glee! She couldn’t believe it and stood up to give her son a hug. When she was able to sit down, she wiped her tears in pure emotion. Truly, a mother’s love knows no end!

In the comments section, a netizen named MinimeKarla also sent a message to the now-viral lola.

It looks like she’s also a daughter who’s working abroad and haven’t been home for years, too.

She commented on the video, “I miss you much mama ko. Puhon2x ako napod ang mo uli. Amping kanunay. Mahal na mahal namin kayo ni papa.” [I miss you so much my mama. One day, I’ll come home too. Take Care always and we love you and papa so much.]

Caress replied to the netizen who said that it would mean the world to their “Lola Mama” if she came home. She answered, “Aw, for sure hihikbi talaga si lola mama. Hahahaah. Ikaw ba naman, ‘di maiiyak 25 years kang nasa abroad, nagsacrifice ka para sa future namin.”

Many netizens were also moved by the heartwarming reunion. A netizen wrote, “Hi lola, wag ka na po umiyak kasi naiiyak din ako sayo.”

If you’re looking for a video to warm your heart, you can watch the video from @narscaress via TikTok:

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