KTV or bus ride? Carousel bus with videoke brings good vibes

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Public transportation can be truly challenging. Aside from standing in line on the sidewalk, sometimes you have to struggle to get a seat. Sometimes, the ride itself can be stressful. So, how do you make commuting better and stress-free?

Of course, changing and improving public transportation is such a big undertaking that it seems impossible to do. But for now, how about a little music? Let’s take it up a notch higher and add every Pinoy family’s favourite videoke!

Netizens and also commuters were amused by a carousel bus’s gimmick to entertain its passengers.

On Facebook, netizen Keren Sison shared her experience of riding a bus with a videoke. There was a passenger singing and many were also having fun pretending to be in a KTV Bar. She said there were even those who were joking, asking for drinks; saying, “shot puno” and “Kuya isa pang bucket!”

Keren wrote in the caption, “Palupet nang palupet mga trip dito sa carousel bus. HAHAHAHA. May umorder pa nga ng bucket!”

A netizen also joked about asking for assistance in trying to put her favorite song in the videoke machine, saying, “Pasuyo po 8540 nobela thanks.”

Another netizen named Bonilla Israel also shared a short video clip of his experience riding a carousel with KTV. This time, it was night time and it had colorful lights, making it more appear like a KTV bar.

He said in jest that the popular mobile radio station, Wish Bus FM, is nothing compared to the carousel bus.

He joked, “Bus na, KTV pa. Hahaha. Kaaliw. Wish bus 107.5 left the road. Hahaha.”

What do you think of this gimmick? Is it a fun way to commute or an added stress to your ride home? Share with us your thoughts!

We can only wish that no off-key singers would cause some headache? Lol

You can watch the video from Keren’s Facebook page:

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