Photos enhanced by kind netizens pour for newly weds after wedding album fiasco

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A bride has nothing but praises and gratitude for the netizens who went out of their way to somehow bring cheers and good vibes to her and her husband who got married just a few months back; this after their wedding album fiasco dampened their spirits.

On her social media post, bride Caren (Nayumi Stone Heart on Facebook) shared her surprise and amazement on the outpour of love and support she and her husband Robert got from strangers who wanted to bring them hope and cheer by editing their wedding photos for free so they would have special mementos of their very special day.

She posted, “Lumalabas na talaga ang mga talent ng mga pinoy pagdating sa editing po (heart emoji). Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyo nang sobra sobra. (emoji) hinde ko man kayo mareplyan pero lahat po ng nagsesend sa kin ng photos kini keep ko po…(emojis)  God bless us.”

On her Facebook wall, we see a lot of enhanced photos and videos  from vaious senders which made the couple truly grateful and happy. It was such an outpouring of good deeds.

Back Story

“Irresponsible, unprofessional,” such was the bride’s initial description of the photos she posted online to air her frustration on the wedding album she and her husband received from the photographer/videographer they hired to cover their wedding four months back.

Other than having too long to wait, the results were either too bright or too dark, which she described as “para kaming sesentensyahan ni San Pedro,”

The photos went viral and her pain over the results touched several netizens. It was supposed to be the most memorable day of her life as a bride and yet the photos were not worth the price they paid, she said; to think that they even waited four months for their wedding album.

“We tried hard to understand u guys, we pay exactly the amount u ask in that day of the wedding, we never failed our responsibilities as we also expect some good service in our payment and i guess we deserve to be treated not in this way,” Caren said in another post. “It was very disappointing.”

Photos taken from cellphones were so so much better, she also quipped.

Diumano Facebook page shared this video:

Something good comes from something bad

But alas! Caren and Robert got the surprise of their life when netizens from several parts of the country started sending them messages of hope and compassion PLUS edited versions of the wedding photos she posted.

Wow! So much effort from people whom they do not know poured on the bride’s messenger and Facebook wall.

Caren posted her gratitude a number of times while sharing copies of enhanced photos as well as some videos sent their way.

“Good afternoon another bunch of photos from all the netizens who show their talents and for being a good samaritan in terms of helping each other, we appreciate every offer, help, effort and most of all i appreciate for their precious time (heat emojis) Once again thank you for all of you who show sympathy specially in this kind of emotional damage to  women like me (colored hearts emojis)  i love you all guys so much my heart is all yours. (hearts)

In yet another post, she said: “Na amaze ako sa sobrang daming mga magagaling na editor po na nagsend skin ng mga edited photos at willing na tumulong, maraming maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat (emojis).”

To see more of the good Samaritans who shared their enhanced versions, go to Nayumi Stone Heart‘s Facebook wall. God bless you all!

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