Prescription or diploma? Doctor’s beautiful penmanship impresses netizens

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It has become a common joke that doctors often have the worst handwriting. After writing many prescriptions in a day, it’s quite expected that their handwriting becomes unreadable. Because their small hand muscles are overworked throughout the day, most doctors’ handwriting gets worse over time. But one doctor is showing that this popular belief isn’t true, by showing off her beautiful handwriting.

On TikTok, Dr. Ruth Arigue (username: @ruthariguemd) impressed many netizens online when she showed off the prescriptions and medical certificates she signed. Many were wowed by her beautiful handwriting, which resembled highly elegant calligraphy. She said in jest that her prescriptions looked like wedding invitations.

“Hindi lahat ng doctor ay pangit ang sulat, yung iba parang imbitasyon sa kasal ang reseta,” she wrote.

The video became viral as many netizens shared their reactions and comments. A netizen couldn’t help but wish more medical professionals would write the same. It was also quite funny that many netizens truly couldn’t believe that a doctor writes beautifully.

A netizen wrote, “Finally, nakakita din ng doctor na kabasa-basa ang sulat!”

Another one commented, “Hala ang cute! I thought student pa lang yung nagsusulat. OMG Doc, I love your handwriting po.”

Another netizen said, “Wow ma’am, ganda ng sulat. Kung ganito lang palagi reseta ko gugustuhin ko basahin eh. Hahaha.”

In another post, Dr. Arigue proved that the beautiful calligraphy is really her normal handwriting. She showed a doctor’s order she wrote using the same penmanship. “Same din sa medcert. It’s my normal everyday handwriting,” she commented.

When netizens noticed that it seemed like Dr. Arigue’s penmanship resembled Script and Calligraphy fonts, commonly used in wedding invitations. The doctor playfully said she made her own font. “Nope, just my own font. Haha,” she replied.

You can watch the video from @ruthariguemd via TikTok:

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