Mother Surprised To See Her Son Playing With Spilt Milk Powder: ‘Ginawang White Sand’

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They say that a mother’s love has no end. But can a mother resist not being angry seeing her baby play with spilled formula milk on the floor? A loving mom certainly can!

Mothers know how it’s suspicious when their toddlers get silent. It’s either they are playing, doing something naughty, or doing both! Mommy Crizcel Angeles had the same experience when she realized her 3-year-old son, Lucas Neo Valenton, was quiet while she was busy cooking in the kitchen. She asked her eldest son to check on Lucas because she was starting to get suspicious.

“I was cooking for lunch then bigla ko naisip bakit parang ang tahimik ng baby ko. Tapos sinabihan ko ’yung eldest son ko na pakitignan ’yung kapatid nya kasi baka anong ginagawa at ang tahimik niya, which is nakakakaba talaga kasi parang alam ko na pag ganon, may milagrong ginagawa,” she shared in a report from the Philippine Star.

What Mommy Crizcel saw made her go through different emotions. Lucas was happily playing with spilled formula milk on the floor like it was white sand. Naturally, the mother felt irritated and mad knowing how expensive a can of formula milk is. However, Lucas sweetly apologized for the incident. And like any loving mother, Mommy Crizcel’s anger turned into amusement looking at how much fun her son had while playing.

She said, “Pagkakita sakin sabay tanong pa sakin ng ‘you mad at me, mommy?’ Nung una talagang super asar ako kasi ang mahal kasi ng milk ngayon. [Tapos] bigla ko naisip na bago linisin videohan ko muna.”

“Kaya instead na na stress ako medyo natawa ako habang vini-videohan kasi parang ginawa niyang white sand,” she added.

The video of the amusing incident became viral on Facebook with over 51,000 shares. Mothers couldn’t help but relate and share their own amusing stories of naughty toddlers.

A netizen made light of the incident and commented, “Literally, don’t cry over a spilt milk. Mahal ang gatas pero mas mahal ang anak.”

You can watch the video from Crizcel Angeles via Facebook:

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