Mother Chooses Not To Eat Her Favorite Fried Chicken To Give As Pasalubong To Her Kids

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When they say mothers can sacrifice for their kids, it means they can give up even some of their favorite things for them.

The video of a mother has gone viral on TikTok after viewers were moved by how unconditional a mother’s love is. Username @rienz shared a video of her and her sister eating at a Jollibee branch. She soon noticed that her sister was not eating her favorite fried chicken.

“Habang kumakain ako, napansin ko kapatid ko na hindi niya kinakain ang chicken,” she wrote.

Turns out, the loving mother was saving it to give as a pasalubong to her children. “Dadalhin pala niya sa anak niya. P300 lang kasi pera namin kaya, kawawa naman,” the uploader of the video wrote.

Speaking in Visayan, the sisters were talking about how the mother decided to wrap the fried chicken in paper to bring it home. “May na lang naa koy maiuli sa ila ba,” the mother explained. [At least I have something to bring home to my children.]

The mother explained that she still wanted to eat it because it was her favorite fried chicken. However, she’d rather sacrifice and bring it home to her children instead. She admitted that while she was enjoying the fried chicken, she felt guilty because she couldn’t share it with them at that moment. So, she’d rather pack it home and surprise her kids with the delicious food.

She described her feelings towards her children; saying, “Maluoy man ko ui. Makonsensiya man gud ko. Maayo na lang makakaon sila,” she explained. [I pity them. My conscience won’t let me. At least they get to eat it.]

Many netizens were impressed and moved by the mother’s selfless act of love. Other parents were able to relate as well. Truly, mothers are willing to sacrifice everything for their kids.

A netizen wrote, “Naalala ko yung times na ‘di na lang ako papasok sa Jollibee kasi yung anak ko nasa Mindanao. Pagkakain ako, siya hindi.”

We can only imagine how many sacrifices our mothers have done for us! May we continue to love and care for them, especially when their old and gray.

You can watch the video from @rien via TikTok:

@imfroudtobesinglemay 300 ako Kumain kami nang sister ko sa jollebe..habang ako kumakain napansin ko Siya parang Hindi Niya kinain Ang chicken Niya .yun Pala dadalhin Niya at ibibigay Niya sa anak Niya naawa ako sa kanya .300 lang Kasi Pera 😭😭♬ Iingatan Ka – Carol Banawa

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