Cute baby couldn’t stop his laughter during baptism, brings good vibes

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Are you feeling a bit down and blue? Surely, a cute, laughing baby could do the trick! Netizens couldn’t help but be amused by a viral video of a baby who wouldn’t stop laughing while being baptized.

During baptism rites, we often expect babies to cry, sleep, or throw fits. But baby Xyrel Gray was like no other baby! Last August 28, the baby was baptized at the St. Therese Church in Cebu City.

As the priest performed the rites, baby Xyrel was smiling and laughing. He even mumbles and nods, as if he understands what is really happening! The baby’s adorable laughter sure made everyone smile; even the priest was amused.

The video was shared by baby Xyrel’s mother, Chinee, on Facebook.

She admitted that they were also surprised with the baby’s reaction during the baptism. They thought that Baby Xyrel would only sleep, but his good mood impressed everyone.

She wrote in a post, “I was not expecting this to happen. I was worried that he might be sleepy or irritable when we were about to start it, but I am so happy and surprised to see my son happy and enjoying himself.”

The video has gone viral with more than 2.1 million views.

According to Mommy Chinee, they felt happy that their four-month-old baby was able to spread happiness to many people.

She wrote, “I am so happy nga daghan kaayo na lingaw sa video. Wa gyud ko nagexpect nga ma-viral diay. hehe.” [I’m so happy that there are many people who were entertained by the video. We didn’t expect it to go viral.]

According to the mother, they were also grateful to the kind priest, Fr. Glad, who didn’t mind their baby’s antics. She also thanked the netizens who praised and admired her baby.

If you’re looking for a picker-upper, baby Xyrel’s cuteness could just bring a smile to your face!

You can watch the video from Chinee Cyrel via Facebook:

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