‘Yakult Lady’ cries in happiness after kind customer gives her P2K cash: ‘Laking tulong po ito’

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Netizens couldn’t help but feel emotional when they saw the video showing a random act of kindness towards a woman selling some Yakult drink.

Isn’t it nice to show random acts of kindness? Regardless of how big or small the act, being kind to strangers makes both the giver and the recipient feel good. It is motivating and satisfying to share our blessings with those who deserve them.

If you’re not familiar with “Yakult Ladies,” they are hardworking women who stroll the streets with their trolleys filled with Yakult drinks. All day, these women brave the heat and rain to sell Yakult.

In a TikTok video shared by username @Malikmata7, an anonymous ‘Yakult Lady’ had a pleasant surprise from a generous person.

In the video, a kind customer called the Yakult Lady to buy 2 packs of drink. The vendor was all smiles as she gave the order and received the payment of P1,000. But just before she could give back the change, the customer told her to just keep the money.

“Sa iyo na lang iyan,” the kind giver said.

The Yakult Lady was truly grateful and even bowed a bit as she turned emotional, “Sige po, maam. Maraming salamat po. Ingat po kayo,” she answered.

In the video, you can see how the Yakult Lady held on to the cash with all smiles. But she jumped for joy when the customer gave her another P1,000. In a mix of emotions, the lady started wiping her tears in happiness.

“Maraming salamat po. Laking tulong po ito,” she said.

The heartwarming video shared by @malakimata27 has truly warmed the hearts of many netizens. Many commented how the Yakult Lady truly deserves the treat because vendors like her are very hardworking.

A netizen commented, “Love that nakangiti na si ate sa una pa lang. Hardwork pays off. Thank you po sa pagpapasaya kay ate.”

Another wrote, “Naalala ko bigla mama ko na nagtitinda din ng yakult dati noong bata pa kami, kilo-kilometro ang nilalakad makapagbenta lang.”

What a great reminder for us to be kind to others. Let’s remember that whatever good we give has its way of coming back to us. Let’s spread kindness always!

You can watch the video from @Malikmata7 via TikTok:

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