Smiling student despite muddy travel to school brings good vibes

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How was your kid’s first day, first week in school?

With the resumption of face-to-face classes, students and parents all have their fair share of back-to-school experiences.

Many students shared good experiences of being with their classmates and teachers. Meanwhile, many younger students were also filled with tears as they held onto their parents; not wanting them to leave their side. Parents, too, have their own stories of finally letting their children return to school.

Despite being filled with mud on her way to school, a smiling student has earned netizens’ admiration.

Well, this student’s experience became viral as her photo circulated online. While the student’s name remains anonymous, netizens couldn’t help but praise her for bringing good vibes.

The student can be seen in the photo with her beautiful smile as she held onto her guardian’s back while riding a motorcycle. But what made the photo even more special was that the young girl was smiling, even if they were filled with mud. Her shoes and uniform were muddy, but she still smiled instead of feeling sad or angry under the  circumstances.

The photo was shared by Bombo Radyo Roxas on Facebook with the caption, “Kaya pa ba bebegirl?”

The post was filled with comments admiring the little girl’s positivity despite her unfortunate experience.

A netizen wrote, “Struggling yet still smiling. God bless you, little angel!”

Another netizen commented, “Let’s learn from this kid. Still wearing an angelic smile despite the hardship she experienced.”

Another stated, “Awww, ok kang yan baby girl. Ang cute mo kahit na punong puno na ng putik uniform mo pero nakangiti kpa rin at hindi hadlang ang dungis sa damit at mukha mo para lang makapasok ka. Proud ako sa ‘yo at sa papa mo.God bless you at sa papa mo baby girl. Papa God loves you ang guide lagi sa pag-aaral mo.”

What a good reminder to see positivity despite hardships! Truly inspiring baby girl!

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