Mom allows 2-year-old son to do his own grocery shopping, netizens marvel at his choices

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A two-year-old toddler has been inspiring parents with how he did his grocery shopping, and he obviously had so much fun!

A TikTok video shared by a Mom, with @lauralove5514 account, continues to get ‘heart’ reacts and has received over 2,500 comments and millions of views.

“Children THRIVE when they are given freedom within limits,”  the caption in the video says with some hashtags.

The mother shared this adorable clip of her two-year-old son doing his grocery shopping “on his own”! Really!

Laura, the mother, regularly shares videos of her two kids -Carter and Jonah, on TikTok. Reports say that Laura is a proponent of Montessori education and she promotes respectful parenting.

She tries her best to teach her children some  important life skills and independence from a young age, which brings to mind a bible verse that goes “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ‘ (Prov. 22:6).

In a recent video, Laura shared with fellow TikTokerists how Jonah, her cute toddler, was able to do his own grocery run; relying only on his own choices.

Mommy had taken him shopping many times, but this was the first time she allowed Jonah to try his hand – and mind – on his own preferences.

There goes Jonah pushing a child-sized grocery cart into the store which in itself is already amusing; even cute as he can be seen doing his happy dance over this new experience.

“If anyone tells you that Montessori is forcing independence, just show them this video of my 2-year-old,” a caption in the video reads.

The toddler then goes around the grocery store. He stops at different shelves to pick up items he likes. Among the items he picked were a head of cauliflower, a bag of veggie chips – and guess what? a large bottle of mustard which he even waves in the air for other customers to see!

“Wow! Wow!” he exclaims with so much cuteness.

“Just look how happy he is to be independent and to be allowed to do what he sees everyone else doing,” another  caption reads.

Mommy Laura shared that Jonah is “confident in his choices, didn’t over-indulge, and had a great balance of healthy and snack foods.” Indeed!

Jonah also carted a bag of mini Snickers bars and some M&M’s. He also took a block of cheese; remembering they had ran out of the cheese he likes and opted to get a bigger one.

And there he is! So proud of his purchased items as they leave the store.

Proud Mom shared that “They are so capable if you just give them the opportunity.”

How not to laud this parenting approach with a toddler who’s showing how independent her child could be?

Commenters happily shared their feedback on the video:

“There’s a big difference between growing up because you are taught how to be independent and being forced to grow up due to neglect”

To which Laura responded, “Yes absolutely! Huge difference! It has to be child led & based on their individual interests!”

Another one shared, I can’t believe anyone critiques these kids’ independence. I was in education for several years and can say kids NEED this.”

I love how he pushes down when he puts stuff in the cart to make sure it all fits. One smart cookie.”

“I love this, mom! Independence is so important and not to mention they thrive when they’re allowed to have it.” 

I learn so much about parenting from you! I am due next month and I feel more confident after watching you raise your sons the way you do!”

“I would literally lose my mind if I saw that little man showing me his mustard in the store. Your kids are so precious.”  haha  same here

“As an 18-year-old, my cart would never be this balanced and he knows exactly what he wants! I love him,”

Watch and smile as you enjoy this video. I know you will, too!

@lauralove5514 Children THRIVE when they are given freedom within limits ♥️ #foryou #toddler #montessori #fyp #MaiselChallenge #gentleparenting ♬ original sound – LauraLove

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