Grandparents’ emotional goodbye as ‘apos’ leave their home after vacation

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Do you have summer vacation memories spent at your lolo and lola’s house?

We’re pretty sure that many can relate to the feeling of being at home at your grandparents’ house with your cousins and the rest of the family during the summer. Days spent on vacation in the province or anywhere your grandparents live are truly great memories. But just like any good time, it must also come to an end. When everyone has to live, our grandparents are left alone again.

A netizen shared the emotional reaction of his grandparents when they needed to say goodbye as their vacation ended.

On TikTok, Jay Quinan’s video of his grandparents went viral as many netizens also felt sad about the reaction of his grandparents.

In the video, Jay and his cousins and relatives are already inside a jeep ready to leave. After spending a vacation with their grandparents, they had to bid goodbye. His lolo can be seen wiping his tears as his lola held on to his arm as they said goodbye to their “apos.”

As the jeepney left, the elderly couple can be seen emotional as they held their hands to wave goodbye.

Jay captioned the video with, “Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure. Sad feeling yung iiwan mo sila for a while.”

According to Jay, it was truly sad to see their grandparents left behind.

He wrote, “Tuwing Tapos na ang bakasyon be like: yung iwan natin sila kasi may kanya kanya na tayong buhay.. Mahirap silang iwan!”

He reminded everyone to never take our grandparents for granted. “Love ur lolo and lolas. Love them unconditionally,” Jay wrote.

In an interview with Philippine Star, Jay shared that being away from our grandparents is a sad reality that many must face. However, it shouldn’t stop us from making an effort for our beloved lolos and lolas. Jay said, “As much as we want to stay with them ng matagal, kaso as we grow up, may kanya-kanya na tayong mga buhay, mga work, at pamilya.”

The video has garned more than 1.2 million views on TikTok. Many netizen were eager to share their stories of being with their grandparents too.

A netizen wrote, “Namiss ko lolo at lola ko. Be with them as long as they live kasi sandali na lang ang natitirang oras nila sa mundo, di tulad nung mga bata pa tayo.”

You can watch the touching video via Jay Quinan via TikTok:

@jay_quinanTuwing Tapos na ang bakasyon be like: yung iwan natin sila kasi may kanya kanya na tayong buhay.. Mahirap silang iwan!😢😢 Love ur lolo lolas. Love them unconditional♥️

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