Daughter’s video of ‘Mom still looking at us’ as they were leaving pulls at the heartstrings

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“My Mom still looking at us…”

A short reel shared on Facebook has gone viral with over 2.2 million views, 74,000 plus reactions and nearly 3,000 comments.

Why? Because it pulls at the heartstrings!

It’s a video clip shared by daughter TesSa LaFleur taken on the day they left their 82-year-old mother’s home in Zambales after a short vacation in the Philippines.

In the caption, Tessa posted that “Vacation is over, time to go back home. We said goodbye to mom. Until we meet again.. Bitter sweet but full of memories.” #reels #leavingonthejetlane #vacationisover #goodbyephilippines

The clip only took less than 20 seconds but it spoke volumes and touched the hearts of many viewers.

“Bittersweet memories Philippines vacation 2022! Going home is hard to do. But will visit again in a heart beat. I love you mom to the moon and back. Until we meet again, take care of yourself. The only gift I can give you is my time and memories and there I shared it to you again.. Surprised visit is not bad at all!! “ TesSa said in another FB  post.

Many were able to relate to the short clip; remembering how tough it Is to part from your loved ones, especially your parents, when you come to visit and then have to leave again.

Comments also tug at the heart; with others remembering their own parents whom they had to leave at home for different reasons. While some have become overseas workers, there are those who have settled abroad with the respective families they have established in this journey called life.

“True when your kids explore other places and have families living away from us parents, we miss them so dearly longing for their younger years so keep pictures and letters they wrote because someday it can help you ease your longings and you can smile alone remembering those memories.”

“We’re too busy growing up that we often forget that they’re also growing old. Love you parents while it last, time can only tell how long they will be here with us. Lucky you if you still have your parents/grandparents. Don’t take it for granted because I’m pretty sure that there are millions of people out there who are willing to take the risks just to trade places with you.”

“Many can relate, naalala ko nong college pag uuwi kami sa Cotabato pag bakasyon, pag babalik kami ng Manila ganyan na ganyan ang eksena, pati gate similar din. God bless your family.”

A mom with two sons, meanwhile, prepares herself to the possible future. “I know someday when they grow up it will be an exchanged situation, that my two sons will have their own life having jobs and I’m the one then who will  be asking them when they are going home or begging to have more time to stay with me.” (emoji)

While our parents understand that we have to leave the ‘nest’ at some time, the heart just can’t brush aside that feeling of already ‘missing’ their grown up babies as they prepare to leave again.  Tessa’s mom looks at her departing child for as long as she still can until she loses sight of the car that is ‘taking’ her child away.

And this daughter understands it all too well.  (Hugs!)

This short reel truly speak volumes, tears at the heart. A familiar scene experienced by both parents and children who need to part ways again… and again. [Click the image below to watch the touching reel]

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