Boy enrolled by police officers receives gifts, assistance from kind citizens

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Remember the young boy who was enrolled by some kind officers to give him a new lease in life?

He was the young fellow who was assisted by some police officers so he could enroll in school to have a formal  education and thereby have a better chance for his future. Well, his luck has truly began!

The Facebook page of the Sindangan Municipal Police Station shared on August 12 some photos of the boy as he tries on the clothes and shoes given to him by kind donors! Outpour of kindness indeed!

The donated clothes and shoes, according to the post, will be used by the boy for the upcoming class this month of August.

Back Story

“I need to share this!!”  A SPED teacher from Buyos Elementary School in Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte posted a heartwarming story on Facebook on August 6.

Impressed and joyful, teacher Cyrell Jones Sidlao or “Teacher CJ” couldn’t help but take notice of two police officers who went to their school to help in enrolling a young boy.

At first, Teacher CJ wondered why the police officers had to ‘escort’ the young boy instead of the parents or elder relatives. He soon found out why.

The boy, apparently, had been living alone, with nowhere to go and no one to look after him, so the PNP Sindangan stepped in and decided they will take the boy under their care and stewardship to somehow give the boy a direction in life.

Teacher CJ shared with joy in his heart upon learning about the move to help the kid, “So PNP Sindangan decided na sila ang magkupkop sa bata. Magsilbing magulang para paaralin, alagaan at ituwid ang kaniyang buhay (heart emoji). Nakakataba ng Puso! Saludo ako sa inyo Sindangan Municipal Police Personnel headed by Sir Mario Manipo.

He learned that the kid no longer has anyone to take care of him after his father passed away and his mother already has a new family. Hence, he was so touched that a new life awaits the poor boy. He profusely thanked the officers involved’; promising that he will teach the boy moral values and proper education.

He also learned that it was PLTCOL Mario Manipon, the chief of police there, who initiated the decision to take in the boy and asked the two officers in the photo to attend to the boy’s enrollment for starters.

The Chief, he said, deemed it would be better for the child to have a proper education. Salute to these officers who go beyond their call of duty!


Teacher CJ also shared that a number of people messaged him after his post went viral. Many also became aware of their school and the needs of their special students.

A lot of netizens, he said, also extended their appreciation to the police officers; calling their act as “service with a heart.”

“Nakakataba ng puso na may nagpapaabot ng tulong para sa bata at SPED class. Ramdam ko ang Bayanihan & pagmamahal ng Pinoy netizens,” he shared with Sir Richard De Leon of Balita PH.

Read: Teacher lauds chief, policemen who enrolled boy living alone to put him on the right track

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