Siblings support their mother’s wish to have a college degree, Mom graduates @69

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Deep within every person is a silent wish to have that self-esteem, as per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-worth, however, and that feeling of having accomplished something good and great doesn’t just happen. It is earned.

And that is exactly what a senior citizen mother did; thanks to her two daughters who supported her wish to go back to school and graduate!

Unlike usual scenarios of parents attending their children’s commencement exercises, the daughters of a graduate attended their senior mother’s special occasion!

In a Facebook post, Leslie D. Irang, one of the daughters of Teodora L. Deus from Sto. Cristo, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, shared her pride and joy over their mom’s latest achievement.

“At 69, our mom, Teodora Lorenzo Deus (Nanay Doring), is graduating from College, with a degree in Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education,” she shared.

“6 years ago, she expressed to my sister and me her dream of pursuing her Secondary Education, more than 50 years after her Grade 6 graduation. We supported her!”

Apparently, Nanay Doring was only able to finish elementary education five decades ago. Since her children are already working, she addressed a lifelong dream – to pursue her education.

Through the Alternative Learning System (ALS) she was able to graduate from Secondary School in 2018. What a feat! That comeback must have spurred her to reach for a higher level of education. She enjoyed the process of continuous education and determinedly took up a 4-year course in Education. She made it!

A Very Special Day

As she promised, Nanay Doring’s daughter Leslie – who’s a teacher in Indonesia  – attended her very memorable occasion.

She shared with family and friends on July 10 her pride and joy while attending their mother’s graduation from the Bestlink College of the Philippines which was held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay.

“We are proud of you nanay! As promised, I am here at the PICC,” she posted on Facebook. She made sure to be back home in time for Nanay’s graduation.

Leslie also shared a number of photos on her post of the wonderful occasion.

Her message to her mother, “To Nanay Doring, thank you for being a great inspiration to all! Indeed, age is just a number! Congratulations po and we love you! To everyone, never give up on your dreams!”

To the public she shares, “Chase your dreams just like what our mom did! Age matters not in terms of success! She is now a teacher just like us, her two daughters!”

Wow! They’re now a family of educators!  Looks like Nanay got her ‘driving force’ to pursue higher education from her two wonderful daughters.

They are indeed the ‘wind beneath her wings.’ Bless you all.


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