Priest rescues, feeds, bathes stray dogs; offers each one for adoption at every Mass

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Often tagged as ‘man’s best friend’ and described as loyal and dedicated animals, it makes us wonder sometimes why there are stray dogs left to fend for themselves on the streets.

We see many of them sick, malnourished or wounded. Most of us probably wish we could do something but feel totally lost as to ‘how’ or ‘what can we do?

Well, a priest has found a way to do what he can for the poor fellows.

On the Facebook page of ‘Happy Dogs‘, an inspiring post was shared by a netizen who goes by the name Gasparek István Zoltán about a priest who lovingly rescue stray and abandoned dogs.

Gasparek tells of a Brazilian priest named Juan Pablo who, he posted, takes abandoned dogs off the streets, and then feeds and bathes them. Wow! Bless his kind soul. But that doesn’t end there.

Father Juan Pablo would then introduce a dog to each Mass that he celebrates with the people so he could find each one a home. Parishioners who attend the mass will then have the opportunity to fall in love with the fur babies and ask to adopt them. Wow!

Dozens of stray dogs,  as per the post, have families now because of this kind man’s efforts. It’s a very comforting thought to imagine those dogs have moved from ‘streets to homes’!

Gasparek shared this in the hope this idea catches on and inspire others to do the same. He ended his post on the Happy Dogs page with “God bless you, Father.”

Meanwhile, the post which has been shared more than 14,000 times has also gotten thousands of heart reacts and hundreds of comments.

“God Bless this priest Juan Pablo for finding homes for the street dogs.”

“St Francis of Assisi approves of this priest.”

“We need more compassionate people like Father Juan Pablo.”

“It’s a great act of kindness,very compassionate priest ,wishing all of us maybe inspired by you father.”

“I’m so glad to hear this act of kindness and it’s coming from our God Servants. I pray that human will follow your good wok father.”

“Someday if i’ll be bless financially, i’ll surely build a shelter for stray dogs and introduce them to foster parents like this one. 🙂  Pero for nowwww, I’ll just fill my heart with warmth from all the good deeds others are doing for stray dogs && make my 2 babies the happiest dogs ever.”


His story went viral even before the pandemic because of the inspiration it brings to people. Social media pages and individuals shared his story so we went to dig deeper for some updates.

Turns out Father Juan Pablo has an FB page too – PadreJoao Paulo Araujo Gomes – and he continues to spread good vibes doing more rescues! Those two photos which went viral were originally shared by Winfried Niederer in August of 2019 but as it was a timeless and priceless story of kindness, it continues to bring inspiration to people to date.

Father Juan Pablo has also adopted a number of strays himself, who, he shared, sleep in his bed with him! Awww


His kindness to strays has created a ripple and many have supported him in his noble acts which he humbly claims
became possible “always with the support of volunteers.” Sponsors also play a huge role in his advocacy for which he is so thankful.

Imagine this. If many would lovingly share some time and loving care to rescue dogs and even cats, would we still have strays?

Thanks, too, to the organizations and individuals who’d been doing these things for some years! God bless you, too!



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