Finally got lucky: Homeless senior dog gets rescued by kind netizen, finds joy in new life

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The number of cat and dog lovers seem to be increasing, especially as many are finding out that having fur babies is a delight and also good for mental health. However, there continues to be stray dogs and cats on the streets.

Every once in a while we hear of rescue stories which warm our hearts and make us wish we could contribute to bringing about change to at least some of these fur creatures.

Good thing there are people like Raevin Bonifacio who actually go out of their way to rescue some strays; just like this poor ‘lolo dog’ who was taken home to be given a new lease in life.

Lolo Dog

After being tagged by netizens, rescuer Raevin searched for the stray animal  – who was dubbed on social media as ‘Lolo Dog’ – along the busy sidewalks of Divisoria, Manila. Apparently, the poor canine was weak, hungry and looked very sick.

As per the video shared online by GMA News on Twitter, Lolo Dog was left traumatized by people who threw stones at him because of his smell so he would walk away.

Raevin described him as truly a senior dog based on his skin. He decided to take ‘Lolo Dog’ home and nurse him back to health.

Well, after only two months of nurturing by Raevin, his transformation is amazing! From being an old hopeless stray, he has become a jolly and healthy dog indeed.

Raevin renamed him “Lucky” because he is one very lucky dog who, for the first time in his life, has someone who really cares for him and looks after him. He was saved in good time. How not to be happy?

Lucky is just one of the strays rescued by Raevin. Many were far more heartwrenching and posed a huge challenge to this brave rescuer.

To support his rescues he does liveselling and uploads videos for his followers. So it would truly matter if you could subscribe and watch the videos on his Raevin Bonifacio channel. It’s the least we can do to support his advocacy of rescuing strays.

Here’s the Kapuso video of ‘Lolo Dog’ aka ‘Lucky’:

A week ago, Raevin made a plea via a GMA Network feature; urging the public to adopt regardless of breed. “Turuan niyo ang puso niyo magmahal ng aspin,” he said.

He became emotional as he expressed his sentiments on this matter. “Sobrang nahu-hurt lang ako na walang masyadong may gusto sa aspin,” he said. “Nahihirapan kaming ipa-adopt iyong mga aspin, alam niyo iyon. Pag may lahi nag-aagawan sila.”

Meanwhile, find  more stories of rescue and adoption on Raevin Bonifacio Official Fanpage.  May you have sufficient and continuous funding, Raevin!

Here’s a video compilation of Raevin’s before and after rescues:

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