Eureka! Man ecstatic over 18K gold necklace found in jacket bought from ‘ukay-ukay’

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“Pag ukol, bubukol!” Such is a an old adage which denotes that if something good is meant for you, it will make its way to you!

We’ve heard of ukay ukay buyers getting lucky on their special finds. But one guy’s story made the rounds on social media because of his amazing great find! He got so lucky!

A man named Alvin Balbon shared on Facebook on the last week of May that he went to buy a jacket from a local ukay-ukay shop in Dumaguete for P180.

The following day he decided to wash the jacket. As usual, he said, he checked on the pockets to see if there are paper or tissues inside as they could affect the jacket’s appearance after bits of paper spread in the washer.

What he found in one of the pockets took him by surprise. It was a heavy gold necklace!

He initially thought it could be a high fancy jewelry; bling bling jewelry as many would call it. The kind that attracts attention because it is very noticeable and looks expensive, but isn’t really.

Well, he had the feeling it was real gold so he decided to have it appraised. He went to a nearby pawnshop and found out it was 18 karats gold and that it weighs 87 grams. Oh wow!

He then asked how much it would fetch if he would pawn it and was told he would get PP93,700. He got excited!

To be sure he decided to have it appraised at another pawnshop; asking for its value this time.

He said in his local dialect, “Pina-appraise ko sa Cebuana, malaki ang tanggap nila umabot ng P278,200. Mababa lang ang sangla sa Palawan.”

After confirming its value, Alvin could only utter “Praise to God!”

A netizen on the comments section explained that both pawnshops gave the same appraisal more or less; explaining that the P93K was around 1/3 of the value of the jewelry if it’s pawned. Hence, it’s not a far cry from the appraised  P278K if it’s sold.

Whether he pawned it, sold it or kept it, only he knows.  One thing is sure, he  really got lucky!

His post got shared more than 10K times and received over 3,400 comments.

Of course, many got envious and wished they would get similar luck on their ukay-ukay purchases. A number were skeptic and Alvin replied to them that it’s legit.

Another Lucky One

Alvin is not the only one who found a ‘treasure’ from the ukay-ukay. A number of lucky patrons made it to the news after finding much value or money in their purchased items.

There’s Shaira Earl Algara, a lucky reseller from Pontevedra, Negros Occidental who felt like she found the jackpot when one of the items she got from a bale became so in demand that its value rose to P90,000.

According to Shaira, she didn’t expect that an ordinary-looking shirt would be prized that high. She got the shirt from a bale worth P5,500.

Read: Reseller shocked over preloved shirt from ‘ukay-ukay’ after getting offer of P90,000

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