Lola who received free medicines returns to give plants and bananas to thank kind pharmacist

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If you’re a follower of Arshie Larga on TikTok, you might be aware of how he gives free medicines from time to time.

Arshie is a registered pharmacist who also manages their own pharmacy. Plus, he’s a popular social media influencer with 2.9 million followers on TikTok alone.

While Arshie often gets praised for his health infomercials, fun videos, and generosity, this time, it was one of his customers who earned the admiration of his followers.

In one of his TikTok videos, Arshie shared how one lola gave him an adorable surprise. Arshie recalled that the lola was one of those customers who didn’t have enough money to buy all the medicines she needed. So, he decided to give her the medicines for free!

Lola couldn’t seem to forget Arshie’s kindness that she returns once in a while to give him different kinds of treats. Arshie said he received a bag of fruits and other stuff. This time, Arshie was able to capture it on camera when the lola returned to give him a plant and a banana.

Arshie said, “Remember ‘yung lola na binigyan ko ng libreng gamot? Binigyan niya ako ng isang bag ng prutas. Tapos ngayon, may dinala na naman siya sa akin! Saging, halaman, at itong mga (alcohol dispenser) galing sa mga apo ni lola.”

In the video, Arshie can be seen meeting lola and thanking her for her gifts. Arshie said, “Nahihiya na talaga ako. Lola, salamat!”

Lola can be heard saying, “Regalo ko sa iyo.” As she handed the plants, she said, “Pampaganda ng botika mo… at may saging.”

Arshie said, “Nakakahiya naman.” Lola sweetly replied, “Hindi naman. Ako ngani ang nahihiya sa iyo.”

In the comments section, Arshie said he felt so touched with lola’s sweetness.

He wrote, “Natutuwa ako kay Lola feel ko tuloy apo rin nya ako. SUPEEER SWEET TALAGA.”

Lola’s sweet gesture goes viral

The video has gone viral with over 655,000 views in just a day. Many netizens found the “utang na loob” gesture of lola very sweet.

A netizen told Arshie, “Sabi nga pag nagbigay ka higit diyan ang babalik sa yo. God bless u more po. Para marami ka pang matulungan.”

What an inspiring story of how our kindness always has a way of coming back to us! Let’s continue spreading kindness and be grateful for how it returns to us, even in small ways.

You can watch the video from Arshie Larga’s TikTok:

@arshielifeAko naman ang na-surprise ni Lola🥹🫶🏼♬ original sound – Arshie Larga

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