Young Filipino nurse runner lauded for compassionate act during Asics London 10K Run

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“PROUD TO BE FILIPINO” (PH flag emoji)

This is how netizen Erick Von Parreño Fredeluces started his post as he flexed  his admiration for a Filipino nurse who, he shared, will always be compassionate no matter where and what the circumstances will be.

And guess what? His post went viral on the internet and is being shared by social media pages, groups and individuals.

Fredeluces narrated in his post that the lady in the photo dropped everything in the recently held Asics London 10K Run to assist a fellow runner who was about to pass out.

He identified the Filipina nurse as Harrieth Kay Amores, an ICU Nurse from Cleveland Clinic London. Amores wore an image of the Philippine Flag on her running shirt.

Apparently, Amores joined in the aforementioned 10K run to beat her previous 10K record of 1 hour and 3 minutes, which means that she had anticipated she’d be faster this time.

Fredeluces went on to share his admiration for the lady runner who “has gone extra mile few meters away from the finish line just to lend a hand and saving a fellow runner from exhaustion due to scourging heat and fatigue.”

“Apparently her “caregiver calling” was too loud to ignore as she dropped everything, risking not to achieve her goal, just to be of help to the lady in need. She helped her fellow runner push with determination until they stepped onto the glory of the finish line. Admiringly, she still victoriously ended beating her previous time record by steadfastly achieving 59 minutes!” he continued.

Amores purportedly disclosed that she could hear the cheers of her fellow Filipinos; saying, ‘Go, ate, kaya mo yan!’ She added, “Nakakaproud lang.”

Fredeluces, who happens to be a Critical Care Nurse at the Cleveland Clinic London, also shared that Amores is “preparing for another challenging milestone to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain above sea level in the world.”

Meanwhile, we learned from browsing that Amores is an advocate of exercising for good health. She’s into jump rope and rope flow, aside from running.

Joining her colleague Fredeluces, we say “Way to go Harrieth, the Filipinos are proud of you!”

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