IT guy-turned-biz owner who sold coffee using bike levels up to more branches

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An IT professional took a leap of faith on his brewed coffee idea amid the pandemic and made it!

This 36-year-old Mong Vicente was a former IT professional who decided to go into business in the middle ofthe pandemic.

He started with only his determination and faith – plus a hunch that it could go big. He began by selling brewed coffee using only his bike.

“Bike lang ang meron ako. Wala naman akong sasakyan dati. So ‘yun, naisip ko na ilagay ‘yung coffee sa mismong bike. Wala kasi akong nakikitang ibang nagtitinda dati nang naka-bike. So it’s either naka-kotse sila, may cart sila o puwesto,’yung mga pop-up dati, or naka-motor,” he shared in a PhilStar feature  three months ago.

But before this ‘coffee-on-bike’ venture, he had already been selling bottled cold brew coffee online when he was working as an IT specialist in 2019. Wow! Talk about time management.

Apparently, his desire to shift from corporate to entrepreneurship is what pushed him to take that leap of faith towards a possible coffee drink business. His starting capital? A meager three thousand pesos.

It was in January 2021 when he started pedalling his mobile cafe – which he named “Cityboy Brew” – along Marcos Highway. Later on he found a regular spot along the Marikina Riverbanks.

It wasn’t an easy start though, he admitted, as it was something new which the public didn’t take notice at first. Brewed coffee on wheels? Really?

“First two weeks, isa o dalawang baso lang ‘yung natinda ko, kasi bago sa tao eh ‘yung coffee na nasa bike. Most especially brewed coffee pa siya,” he shared.

However, it wasn’t enough to dishearten Mong. Determined as ever he accepted that no feat is easy; you just have to keep trying until you find that ‘boom.’

For six months he persisted. He would take that 40-minute travel by bike from his home in Pasig to Marikina to sell his special coffee from 4AM-8AM and then from 5PM-9PM. That gave him ample time to assess his customers’ preferences.


When he added iced coffee to his menu of hot brewed drinks, his sales started soaring. Cityboy Brew’s offering of hot and cold drinks, priced at P50 to P135, got more clientele. His concept of “coffee on wheels” also got a lot of  thumbs up on social media.

Fast forward to 2022.  As of April he already has 12 branches in Metro Manila, CALABARZON, and in the Isabela province. From two cups of coffee, he has leveled up to more or less 8,000 to 10,000 cups per week; fetching him around P200,000 per day from all branches. Not to forget that it meant providing jobs for more people – his team!

To date, he has added more branches and has come up with a ‘Branch Out Project’ where he invites future co-owners for new branches of Cityboy Brew.

“Please note na dalawang store ang mag gegenerate ng income para satin, kaya sulit ung 50k nyo,” he said in the post‘s comments section.

Meanwhile, they have this CBB Glass straw freebies post for their customers, albeit limited stocks only, on July 31.

How’s their coffee?

A satisfied customer sums it all up. “Di naman dadami branch niyo kung di masarap at di tinatangkilik ng marami.”  There you go!

Here’s a throwback video of a PhilStar feature via Facebook:

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