‘This is mine!’ Netizens find this chubby cat holding strongly to its snack so adorable

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Some people prefer having cats as fur babies because these feline creatures are  usually gentle and quiet and do not bark. And yes, many say their cats are sweet and adorable.

Pehaps just like one cat who recently  went viral on social media after a video of the furry baby was shared as it holds on  to its snack pack so protectively as if saying, “this is mine. Don’t take it.”

On TikTok a video was uploaded by kimsyaf20 which shows a fluffy cat held by a woman like it’s a baby whom we assume is the fur mom. The cat can be seen tightly hugging two packs of a snack with its front paws — which was identified by commenters as Apollo bar cakes.

The person taking the video moves nearer to the cat, gets one of the snack which made the cat go meow; obviously not liking the gesture. The ‘teaser’ does the same with the other snack; leaving the cat with no snack. Kitty tries to reach for the snack and fails.

In soft meows, the cat tries to communicate its disgusto over the taking of her food and buries its face on its owner’s chest.

The ‘teaser’ laughingly returns one pack then another to the cat which it quickly hugs protectively without looking at the ‘teaser’. So adorable, don’t you think so, too?

Some might not like the teasing but it seems the cat is used to interaction with people and probably knows it’s just  ‘play’ time although it doesn’t seem to enjoy the ‘game.’ Because Apollo is a favorite snack?  Lol

As of posting the clip has gotten more than 26 million views and nearly 76K comments; with many expressing how cute and adorable this kitty is. It looks so clean and so cared for. No wonder you can’t watch it just one time. You’ll click replay.

“I understand the lil guy, those cakes are too good.”

“Omg I wish my cats were this nice. if I don’t my cat enough attention he bites my food .”

“This cat is the funniest i saw.”

“is it a girl and pregnant or its just chubby?”

Looh how cute this cat is!

@kimsyaf20 #kucingviral #kucingcuttonbud #fypシ ♬ original sound – Kimsyaf

This kitty has four more videos after this one and it is seen gnawing on a cadboard in one clip! Oh kitty!

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