A purrfect job! Woman works as a ‘cat-sitter’ and gets to travel the world

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How would it feel if your job included cuddling cats and travelling all over the world? For many, this could definitely be a dream job!

For 32-year-old Madolline Gourley, she’s “living the life” as she has saved over $28,000 traveling the world through cat-sitting. The woman from Brisbane, Australia, said she’s been all over Australia and the US caring for other people’s cats while their owners are away.

According to Madolline, she gets to save on accommodation and travel in exchange for cat sitting other people’s furry friends. You don’t get paid, but you can get the place to yourself for up to three months sometimes. You keep the house maintained. You look after the pets. “It’s just like living your normal life but in someone else’s house,” she told Mamamia.

Rich cat owners offer freebies!

Madolline said that aside from free accommodation, some owners offer free food, groceries, or even offer to let her use their car. The owners of these cats are often rich people, living in swanky neighborhoods, so living in their house is already a vacation in itself.

“House and pet sitting can be a great staycation alternative. Live it up in a nicer part of your city for a bit. Or if you wanted to get away for a long weekend, a house sit a few hours drive away might come up,” she said.

When asked about her job, Madolline says taking care of a cat is really simple and most of the time, she gets to do whatever she wants. “The cat I’m caring for at the moment just needs to be fed once in the morning, once at nighttime, and then you give him some biscuits, as an afternoon snack. So his routine is pretty simple. But then there’s been ones where it’s like you have to mix this with the cat food and that with the cat food. And then you need to feed them three times a day,” she explained.

Madolline also writes and chronicles her catsitting adventures on her blog, One Cat At A Time. Just cool, right?

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