Life Goes On: Widower With Triplets Celebrates Second Father’s Day as Solo Parent

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A widower and his triplet daughters went viral a year ago after they were featured in various news sites. Their story pulled at the heartstrings of netizens after it was revealed that the triplet’s mother passed away a day after giving birth to her firstborns.

The grieving husband  was left with no choice but to endure the pain so he could face the task of raising their triplet daughters albeit alone. Life must go on…if only for their little girls’ sake. They’ve lost their mother amid the pandemic; they simply can’t lose their father, too.

Despite the brokenness over losing his beloved wife with whom he shared a lot of dreams for their future family, he needed to pick himself up and start over again – this time with three ‘little Aprils.’ A very challenging journey awaits him and the triplets.

2nd Father’s Day

On June 19, widower Joel Orbello Regal, now 27, will be spending his second Father’s Day celebration with his triplet  princesses namely, Jia Aamari, Jayce Aliyah, at Jaswhi Adaliah.

It was on March 20, 2021 when Joel’s wife, April, gave birth to their three girls. Sadly, she suffered from acute respiratory failure and didn’t make it back home.

In a Facebook post, the devastated husband shared how his wife took real care of herself during her pregnancy to ensure their children’s proper development.


“Malaki po ‘yun sakripisyo ng asawa ko. Minahal at inaalagan po mabuti ng asawa ko ang mga anak ko no’n nasa t’yan pa lang sila. Kaya bilang tatay na lang nila, kahit mahirap, pipilitin kung kayanin at maging matatag sa kabila ng lahat. Katuwang ko po sa pag-aalaga ang aking biyenan at kapatid ng aking asawa,” he shared; grateful for the assistance from his in-laws as he still needed to report to work in Calamba, Laguna as a factory worker while finding other means to earn extra for his growing daughters.

He admits having heavy feelings each time he has to leave for work. He wants to always be by his daughters’ side as they are the reason why he still finds the courage to smile and look forward. His only consolation is that his babies are growing healthy; thanks to breast milk donors and God’s loving care.

Look! The triplets are now 15 months old!

“Mahirap po ang bigat sa pakiramdam, especially po no’n unang pagkakataon na babalik na ‘ko sa trabaho. Hindi ko talaga mapigilan lumuha habang nagda-drive paalis,” he further shared. “‘Yun pakiramdam na gusto mo lang na lagi sila kasama kasi sila ‘yun dahilan kaya nakukuha ko pa ngumiti. ‘Yun mabuhat ko sila at mahalikan, gumagaan pakiramdam ko pero kaylangan umalis at magtrabaho para sa kanila.”

Call for Breast Milk

In June of 2021, when his triplets were only three months old, Joel made a plea for help for his babies. He called on people with kind hearts to help the triplets with breast milk and diapers. He knew there’s no substitute for breast milk in terms of good health and nourishment for babies.

“Sa totoo lang po, takot ako na breast milk ‘yun ipainom sa kanila kasi nga po may COVID pa. Di ko alam kung safe ba para sa mga anak ko. Pero nagtanong naman po ako sa doktor, na hindi naman daw po basta na contaminate ang gatas ng nanay, kaya pinatuloy ko na po,” he disclosed.

Through the power of social media he received help from good samaritans. Breast milk, diapers, and other baby things were gifted to his triplets. Bless you all!

But whenever supply of breast milk runs out, he is forced to resort to milk formula. Because they hail from Paete, Laguna, pick up of milk donations needed to be scheduled first.

He expressed his gratitude for the assistance the triplets got. Other than milk and diapers, his triplets alo received gifts. He is proud to reveal that so far, his children are proving to be healthy and bouncy. They are 15 months old now and are learning to walk and talk.

Indeed, their journey is still long and arduous. This hardworking Dad, however, trusts that Divine Providence will prevail. Imagine needing everything for them 3x, it’s truly a huge responsibility, but one which Joel is happy to embrace with all his heart, especially that there are people with great hearts who assist him and his triplets.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Joel! Keep on!

Watch this vid of Joel and his triplets exactly a year ago:

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