91-Year-Old Veteran Reunites With His Long-Lost Love After 70 Years

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Do you believe in fate? For a Korean War veteran, he believes that it was destiny that brought him back to his long-lost love. Their love story is truly one for the books; one that will remind you of romantic movies. However, this one is for real!

After 70 years, Duane Mann finally got the reunion he wanted when he again met his long-lost love, a Japanese woman named Peggy Yamaguchi.

Duane was 22 years old when he became a Navy solider and was stationed in Japan. While there, he fell in love with Peggy.

Duane recalled their wonderful time together dancing. He shared it on KKTV, “We could really dance together. I mean, to the point where people would watch us.”

The couple started to look at a bright future together, especially when Peggy got pregnant. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Duane received an order that he had to return to the US. The soon-to-be dad made a promise to return and marry Peggy.

Like the twist of fate playing on the couple, Duane’s father has fallen on hard times. He lost his savings and didn’t have any money to go back to Peggy. Adding to his dilemma, Peggy stopped writing to him, or so he thought.

Turns out, Duane’s mother had been burning Peggy’s letter for him because she didn’t want him to marry a Japanese girl. The last letter Duane got from Peggy broke him. Peggy said she lost their baby and decided to marry someone else.

“It was over. It set in, that idea that I abandoned her just wore me out, and that’s not an honorable thing to do,” he said to KETV.

70 years have passed and Duane is now 91 years old, and yet he still carries the heartbreak from his long-lost love. Duane’s son, Brian, helped his father look for Peggy. Fortunately, Duane didn’t have to cross the oceans to reach Peggy, because she was also living in the US. She lives in Michigan with her second husband and has three sons.

Finally, the heartwarming reunion happened with the help of Duane and Peggy’s children. The old lovers hugged, kissed, laughed, and reminisced about their past. Peggy said she couldn’t believe that Duane had been searching for her for seven decades.

“I was shocked. I was shocked,” said Peggy.

Duane finally said the words that he kept for so long. “I’m here to tell you that I didn’t abandon you at all. I just couldn’t find you,” Duane finally told Peggy.

“Thank you for remembering and saving all the pictures. You must have loved me,” Peggy said and then hugged and kissed Duane. What a beautiful story of love lost, only to be found again as the beginning of friendship.

You can watch their reunion via KETV’s Youtube channel:

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