This TikToker’s Smile Makes Babies, Kids Smile Like Magic

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Do you have a grumpy kid or baby? Try showing one of Borzah’s smiling videos, and that’ll surely make them smile like magic!

Indeed, happiness can be contagious. We smile and laugh for many reasons. It can be because of something big, like achieving a life-long dream. Or it can be as simple as watching other people’s smiles. When we see other people laughing or smiling, we are drawn to that positive energy. That is why it is best to surround ourselves with happy people because their energy influences us.

A study on happiness explains that happiness is not an individual experience but a collective phenomenon. It stated that joy can affect a lot of people, “Happiness not only spreads from person to person but also from person to person to person.”

On TikTok, a user named Borzah Yankey has made a huge following, garnering over 14.8 million likes simply for his irresistible smile. He has many followers for his viral videos showing his “try not to smile” challenges. As it turns out, the babies and children couldn’t resist Borzah’s bright smile. His video has earned a lot of duets from parents showing how the TikToker’s smiling video puts a smile on the little kids’ faces too.

A new parenting hack?

Some parents even use Borzah’s smiling video as a new “parenting hack” to calm down their crying or fussy babies.

A parent commented, “My baby seems to be addicted with your smile!” What a genius idea! But seriously, even adults who are having a grumpy day can enjoy a good smile.

A netizen told Borzah, “Your smile always genuinely makes me smile, which I really appreciate.” Thank you! ”

In an interview on CTV News, Borzah said he enjoys making people happy and didn’t expect his smile would go viral during the pandemic. He said, “I just smile naturally. But I guess right now it’s much needed, because the world is in a dark place.”

Reddit Video made a compilation of Borzah’s duets, and you can watch it via their Youtube channel.

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