Texas Couple Adopts 7 Filipino Siblings Who Got Separated For Years

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A kindhearted couple from Texas, USA, was determined to keep seven Filipino siblings together. Finally, their hard work paid off when they were finally able to adopt all of them.

Chris and Jessica Milam of Denton County, North Texas, adopted not just one but seven Filipino siblings who had been separated for years. For over 2 years, the siblings had been apart; spread on three different foster homes. Finally, after 8 months of the adoption process, the couple got to bring home the kids and reunite the siblings.

According to Jessica, they had always wanted to become adoptive parents. After reading the siblings’ profiles, the couple were determined they could raise all seven children. She knew that the siblings were meant for them. They had an empty house and wanted to fill it with happy children.

She said on Fox 7 Austin, “From the moment I read their profiles, I said, ‘Oh, these are the kids for us.’ They loved animals, they loved to craft, they loved plants. We had an empty house we just moved into. We built a house to fill with kids, so we knew we had the space. We’re self-employed, so it makes it a little bit easier to take care of seven kids of various ages. ”

The siblings consisted of two boys and five girls, with ages ranging from 5 to 12 years old.

After eight months, the judge finally made it official that it’s in the best interest of the children to be adopted by Chris and Jessica. The siblings couldn’t get any happier with the good news. Not only did they get reunited, they also found themselves a new family.

“It means we’re going to be there forever, we’re going to have a family to take care of us until we’re adults and can take care of ourselves,” one of the kids said.

The family is now thrilled to start their lives together. The siblings even started getting their own pets. “We have two snakes, one dragon, four cats, and one dog,” the children happily shared.

Truly, a remarkable story of new beginnings for a family! Bless this wonderful couple!

You can watch the video from Fox 7 Austin’s Youtube channel:

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