Retired PISAY teacher earns praise for helping children with schoolwork in their community

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The story of a retired teacher fromthe  Philippine Science High School o PISAY is making the rounds on the internet after he was spotted assisting some children in their community with their schoolwork by a former fellow teacher.

Teacher Gladys Ann Malto proudly shared via a Facebook post on May 17 her admiration for Sir Delfin Angeles who had retired from formal teaching since May 2020.

“Real heroes don’t just wear Capes, they teach! Praise and honor to one silent hero. You have served Pisay for how many years and now the community children as you retire. Truly Sir, you are to be praised for your passion and commitment to service. Indeed, you are making a difference! So proud of you, Sir Delfin Angeles!” she lauded her senior colleague; ven tagging him with pride.

On June 2, Teacher Delfin shared a sentimental post as he went down memory lane; remembering how his career as an educator started. He was with Pisay from June 1984 until May 2020. He aptly titled his post “A FULL CIRCLE”.

He shared that his very first students were Grade 5 kids in a Marcos type classroom in Mayapa, Canlubang, Laguna.

“That was Catechism which served both requirements for practice teaching and youth civic action or YCAP. Year was 1975. Mayapa Elementary School now stands as a 3-story concrete building. Today, I again have graders in our Eskwelahang Munti in our street,” he continued.

“As I water and tend my plants by the street sides, children came around asking me, “lolo, anong plant yan.” I got to know them and at random I ask them, 6×7? or 8+7? or to say something in English. One day, they said “lolo, turuan mo kami.” Now we have face to face class. I prepare math, english, science lessons; I asked friends for old pencils, ball pens, crayons. I cut cardboard boxes to A4 size, from the grocery, to make clipboards for writing. Since then, they have ceased calling me lolo. Now, it is, “teacher!” No, I wont teach falling bodies, though I did teach them balancing equations!! (When it rains, classes are suspended, all levels.),” he happily narrated his latest ‘challenge’.

“Lolo, turuan mo kami”

Thereafter, more came to know of Teacher Lolo Delfin and he was hailed in the “Akap Guro Connected”, a program page of Unilab where it was further shared that more than the subjects he’s teaching the children, he was instilling in them the virtue of kindness and moral conduct.

Noting that the pandemic had greatly affected students and their learning process, it was significant that the kids wanted to be taught! They value their education despite the hard times and it pulled at the heartstrings of Lolo Delfin.

Their “Eskwelahang Munti” started in March of this year and almost everyday he allots time for the children who seeks his help.

For Lolo Delfin, it was like going back to his first classes at the Mayapa Elementary School in Laguna year 1975.

And for us he is like a breath of fresh air that reminds us of dear humanity.

We wish Lolo Delfin the best of health and happiness.

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