Netizen is looking for playmate she met at Tropical Hut years ago

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A netizen is looking for the playmate she met while having a great time at the Tropical Hut back when they were kids.

Tropical Hut is currently trending on social media as many people are going back to give the ’90s restaurant another try. Along with the nostalgia it brings, many people are reminiscing about the memories they made at the popular fast-food place.

As they say online, “Anong kwentong Tropical Hut mo?” One of those who looked back at one of their fondest Tropical Hut memories is a netizen named Kim.

“Kwentong Tropical Hut”

On TikTok, Kim said she chanced upon a childhood photo of her and a little girl as they were playing on the carousel at Tropical Hut. She said the photo was taken at the Ever Commonwealth Branch. She decided to look for her old playmate online.

She wrote, “Hi guys! So, since viral ang Tropical Hut, I want to take this opportunity para hanapin ang babaeng nakalaro ko sa carousel.”

“This was taken at Ever Commonwealth Branch. If anyone knows who she is or ikaw mismo makakakita nito. Please please duet this,” she added.

When asked why she wanted to find the little girl, Kim said she wanted to reconnect and make friends with her again. Social media has always been a powerful tool for reconnecting old families and friends. It has proven several times how easily it can find your childhood friends and help bring back old friendships.

Kim’s post made a lot of people reminisce about their memories of playing at Tropical Hut. Many recalled that they too made a lot of random friends while playing and some remarked how lucky Kim is to have a photo of her playmate.

A netizen wrote, “Wala na ba yung ride sa tropical doon? Yun pa naman og ride sa gilid don kahit adult sumasakay.”

“Sadly, wala na po pero gumanda yung store nila,” Kim replied.

So, will this story have a happy ending? We’ll have to wait and see!

You can watch her video via @keemuuu via TikTok:

@keemuuuuu HELP ME FIND HER! 😄 #fyp #foryou #tropicalhut #tropicalhutrestaurant ♬ Ive nightcore – kpop nightcore 🫶🏼

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