Lolo’s heartwarming reaction after granddaughter says she’s graduating cum laude goes viral

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They always say that success is sweeter when shared with the special people in our lives. For one granddaughter, she decided to share her good news of graduating as cum laude with her grandfather.

Well, her lolo’s reaction has captivated the hearts of many netizens online.

On TikTok, user Hyrah Joi Agbisit shared how she decided to surprise her lolo that she would graduate with flying colors. Hyrah is graduating cum laude as she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, major in Marketing Management at Oliverez College.

Hyrah Joi’s video showed how her conversation with her grandfather went.

She said, “Lo, may sasabihin nga ako sa iyo.” The grandfather asked what any typical grandparent would ask to their grandchild, “Mag-aasawa ka na ba?” To which, Hyrah laughed off and only said, “Luh, asawa agad. hindi.”

She said her grandfather was already starting to get nervous. So she finally broke her news, saying, “Cum laude iyong apo mo!” She also gave her lolo a big hug as the proud grandfather couldn’t hide his big smile.

Lolo’s sweet reaction goes viral

The video went viral with more than 1.3 million likes and 11,200 comments. Many netizens commented on how precious and genuine Hyrah’s lolo reaction to her success was. Many also couldn’t help but recall their sweet moments with their grandparents.

A netizen wrote, “Happy for you. Sarap sa pakiramdam may apo ka na sing lambing mo and it seems that you really appreciate them. Sana all. Teary eyed here.”

“Naiyak ako. Lalo na yung reaction ni lolo. Congratulations ate,” another netizen wrote.

“Nakakainggit. Days na lang grad day ko na nun, hindi na nahintay ng papa ko umakyat sa stage ang bunso nya. Nagluluksa pa kami habang naakyat ako sa stage,” another netizen shared.

Such a heartwarming reminder of how priceless the love of grandparents is for their apos. May we continue to appreciate our grandparents while they’re still with us.

You can watch the viral video from Hyra Joi’s TikTok account:

@hyrahjoi forever grateful🙏🏼 #hyrahjoi #graduation #marketista #kolehiyala ♬ suara asli – favmusicvibes

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