Laborer Father Takes Daughter to Work After She Quit School ‘To Become a Tiktoker’

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Engaging in social media has become a norm to many. There are so many platforms and apps to ‘consume’ one’s time, such that even a lot of children have become too engrossed in certain apps like TikTok; a short-form video hosting service.

When the pandemic struck and students were left with no choice but to have online classes, it proved to be very challenging, as well as ‘boring’, for many students globally. The lockdowns forced people towards their gadgets and many poured their time and energy on social media.

Indeed, it has become difficult for many parents to deal with their children who are spending more and more of their time on the internet.

Such was the case of a young girl who decided to quit school so she could focus on becoming a TikToker. She reportedly disclosed to her father that school was boring and that she prefers to be a TikToker.

This young girl was obviously among those who got influenced by the idea that there is a ‘career’ waiting for them on TikTok or similar platforms. The word ‘influencer’ has become so popular that it is tempting students to push education behind social media in their list of priorities. Argh!

As per reports, a teacher in China intervened by taking one of his students to a construction site to work with his mother when he quit school. Apparently, the boy said it was “easy-peasy” to earn the 100 yuan ($15) which his mom earns there for a day of labor. Now he knows it’s not eally “easy-peasy” .

And then there’s a dad in Mexico who did similarly when his daughter told him school was boring and decided to quit to be a Tiktoker.

Apparently, the young girl wanted to be an influencer; firmly believing  there’s more money to earn as a Tiktoker than if she went to school.

“My daughter had run away from home because she wanted to do TikToks, so I brought her here to the construction site so she can see that it’s not easy to earn money. You have to work hard for money. She says that she can earn more than a professional doing TikToks. She doesn’t want to study,” the concerned father explained.

Imagine the father’s surprise when his daughter told him, “It’s not good for anything. I could earn more by being an influencer than by studying and having a profession.”

This Dad reportedly insisted that there’s no guarantee that becoming an influencer would fetch her money in the future. He told her she could end up becoming a laborer if she decides not to finish school.

To teach her daughter a lesson, he took her with him to the construction site where he works as a bricklayer. He told his daughter to carry one sack of cement. Of course, she couldn’t as it was too heavy.

He then told her that she’s not cut out for that kind of thing, that she was raised delicately.

“The real world is tough, Star, in the real world you have to earn money with the sweat of your brow. Either that or you go begging“, the father said; having only the best of intentions for his daughter. For this Dad, education is the best thing he can give his daughter so she should not quit school. Perhaps he has driven his point home. ‘Cement or books?’

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