‘It’s Never Too Late’: Daughter Teaches Her 43-year-old Father to Read and Write

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They always tell us that our parents are our first teachers. But for a father and daughter from the United States, they were each other’s teacher.

Lucy Flores teaches her father, Luciano, to read and write, even at the age of 43.

According to Lucy, her father grew up in Mexico with very limited resources. When he was in the first grade, Luciano had to stop going to school and then started working to provide for his family. At a young age, Luciano worked in construction even up to this day. Thus, he wasn’t able to learn to read and write.

When their family moved to the US from Mexico, Lucy’s mother would often translate words for Luciano to understand.

Lucy shared on Good Morning America, “Because he works in construction, it’s not something where you have to sign things. It’s more math, which he is really good at. But he said that he didn’t even tell his friends or anyone around him that he didn’t have these abilities [to read and write].”

Lucy admitted that she tried to teach her dad to read and write several times but it just wouldn’t go well. When she finally graduated from college, she gave teaching her father another shot. This time, Luciano was more eager and ready to learn.

For four months, the daughter and father worked hard to study for 2 hours, 2 days a week. Since then, Luciano can now write his own name, knows vowel sounds, and can read books on his own. Lucy documents their journey on their TikTok account @floresfamily_25.

She said, “It’s been such an amazing time, that he gets to sit down with us, we get to learn with him.”

“The last video I posted was him and I sitting in our backyard, drawing with chalk, and that’s nothing I’ve ever done with him in my whole life. None of my siblings have,” she added.

Lucy said the experience has made their bond stronger as she also tries to understand her father’s generational trauma and childhood. “It’s never too late to spend that time with your child, so I’m glad that we’re doing it now,” Lucy said.

What a beautiful story of becoming a teacher and also a learner to our parents! May more children be patient in understanding their parents’ circumstances in life.

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