Son passes the Bar Exams, to fulfill promise to his late father who passed away

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A proud son from Carmen, Cebu couldn’t help but share his happiness as he passed the 2020/21 Bar Examination.

Rofel Bayaga Kiamco was among the 8,241 passers out of 11,402 takers of the recent Bar Exam. He is now finally a lawyer, a fulfillment of the promise he made for his late father.

On Facebook, Kiamco shared a heartwarming post honoring his later father Ruben ‘Boyax’ Laping Kiamco Sr.

No justice for late Dather

According to Kiamco, his father got into a fight in 2012. His father was alone to defend himself against more or less 10 men. Because of the incident, his father was “maliciously charged.” Unfortunately, Kiamco’s father passed away a year after with no justice served.

He wrote, “However, sometime in 2012, he was engaged in a fight (he was alone against ten men, more or less) and was maliciously charged with attempted murder and frustrated murder in RTC Br. 25 and MCTC Catmon. He died subsequently in 2013 while his cases were pending.”

Image by Rofel Bayaga Kiamco via Facebook

He revealed that what happened to his father motivated him to pursue law studies. His father’s experiences made him realize that he wanted to defend his family and the “abused from the abusers.”

“His death caused me sorrow and grief, which struck me because he died without a lawyer in the family to defend him in court – except a lawyer from PAO. That malicious imputation by the police squeezed my heart, and on his grave, I made a vow to him to pursue Law studies so that I may defend our family and the abused from the abusers,” Kiamco wrote.

In the end, Kiamco addressed his late father that he was able to fulfill the vow he made in his honor.

Image by Rofel Bayaga Kiamco via Facebook

He added, “To my beloved late father, Boyax, here is now my promise – a Lawyer – who will defend our family and do justice and fairness to everyone.”

Kiamco’s viral post has reached over 207,000 reactions and over 49,000 shares since posting.

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