School gets $27,000 water bill after teacher left swimming pool tap on for months to prevent Covid-19

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A teacher in Japan is in hot water for leaving the swimming pool tap on for two months. The reason? The teacher believed it could prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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A Japanese school received a 3.5 million yen ($27,000 or P1.4 million) water bill because their swimming pool tap was left on by a teacher who believed continuous freshwater could keep it covid-free. The tap was on from late June to early September.

The school decided not to disclose the name of the teacher but apologized to the residents of their city. The Yokosuka authorities issued a statement apologizing to the city for the financial damage the incident has caused.

“We deeply apologize to our residents for causing (financial) damage to our city,” Yokosuka authorities said in a statement.

The local authorities in Yokosuka are also demanding that the teacher and two supervisors take responsibility for the incident and must pay half of the total 3.5 million yen bill.

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Local education board official Akira Kojiri explained that the unidentified teacher kept the tap of the swimming pool on thinking that the constant flow of water will keep it clean. Normally, swimming pools have chlorine and filtering machines to keep them clean.

“But the teacher somehow got the wrong idea that pouring new water in would also do the trick and even help prevent COVID,” Kojiri explained.

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Even more surprising was that other staff members tried turning off the swimming pool tap. When they noticed that the running tap was on, they switched it off. Unfortunately, the offending teacher didn’t want to listen and insisted on switching the swimming pool tap on.

Because of the incident, the school wasted over 4,000 tons of excess water in just over two months. Kojiri explained that the amount was already enough to fill the pool 11 times over.

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