Heartwarming reunion of dog and owner after being rescued in Ukraine

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A dog lost amid the fighting in Ukraine was able to meet her owner once again.

A touching video has gone viral after showing a dog and her owner reunited after being separated in Ukraine. According to reports, volunteers from the Kastus Kalinowski Battalion said they found a stray dog named Nessie when they were in Bucha, outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine.

Image Capture of Video by @belwarriors via Facebook

The video was shared on Facebook by @belwarriors, a Belarusian military outfit of Ukraine. The caption was translated by Express News and stated, “A little positive in these difficult times. During Bucha’s release, we found Nessie, the dog, left alone. But thanks to our friends we found her hosts and today she is back to them. Look at this emotional moment.”

“As long as some treat people like animals, we are fighting for the lives of not only humans but every animal!” they added.

Image Capture of Video by @belwarriors via Facebook

In the video, the Siberian Husky runs down the road and greets her owner, who was already kneeling waiting for her. The dog happily wagged her tail and let out a happy howl. The rest of the video shows the doggo running around the parking lot and getting a lot of attention from people. Meanwhile, Nessie’s owner and the soldier who brought her talked about the experience.

Nessie’s owner later called someone on the phone to show them that the missing four-legged member of the family had been found and had come home.

What a lucky dog, you are Nessie! Amid the horrors of war in Ukraine, touching stories like this one remind us how war affects not just people but animals as well.

Image Capture of Video by @belwarriors via Facebook

An animal organization in Ukraine @UAnimals also shared the video to remind people how animals in Ukraine are also suffering. The post was flooded with comments praising the soldiers for taking the time to rescue lost animals.

You can watch the heartwarming video on the Facebook of @belwarriors:

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