Passengers sing ‘Baby Shark’ to calm crying toddler during long flight

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Indeed, parents couldn’t deny the power of the kid song “Baby Shark”!

It can make any baby sing, dance, and as proven by a toddler’s parent on a viral video, it can also calm down a crying child.

Image Capture of video by @parikshitbalochi via TikTok

On TikTok, many parent netizens couldn’t help but gush over the wholesome way of calming a toddler during a long flight.

It can’t be denied that traveling can be stressful, and smaller children often have trouble dealing with long flights.

In the viral video uploaded by @parikshitbalochi, passengers of a 6-hour flight gamely sang the Baby Shark song in an effort to calm a crying child. Complete with smiles, and even claps, the passengers sang the popular song. And it worked!

The toddler who was earlier seen visibly upset, calmed down a bit to watch the strangers sing for him. The video’s caption stated, “Crying baby on the plane? No problem!”

Image Capture of video by @parikshitbalochi via TikTok

According to the uploader, he was seated next to the kid’s family and he had been “crying nonstop” during the 6-hour flight between Dubai and Albania. The passengers decided to give the parents a helping hand by distracting the toddler with the Baby Shark song.

He explained, “First individually people sitting around him tried distracting him, but when nothing worked out a group of guys, including me, started singing Baby Shark and more people joined in.”

In another video clip, the uploader said the toddler was already calm in his mother’s arms and was now ready to play with him.

Image Capture of video by @parikshitbalochi via TikTok

Aside from the power of Baby Shark, this also shows how the kindness of strangers can go a long way! Instead of complaining that a baby is too noisy, give a tired parent a helping hand instead.

To watch the heartwarming incident here’s the viral TikTok video via @parikshitbalochi:

@parikshitbalochi baby Shark! #fyp #flydubai #foryoupage #babyshark #dubai ♬ One Night in Dubai – Arash

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