How this 25-year-old lady earned P1M in just 9 months

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How long do you think it would take for you to earn P1 million? For a 25-year-old lady, it only took her nine months! But how did she do it?

Abigail Urquiola may be a newbie entrepreneur, but it sure looks like she knows what she is doing! She earned her first million just after nine months through her online business.

Image by Abigail Urquiola via Facebook

Abigail is a licensed radiologic technologist by profession but /chose her life to take a different turn and become an entrepreneur. She now manages her own online franchise business. Even with no prior business background, Abigail took a chance and worked hard at learning the business.

Even though she comes from a family of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), Abigail decided not to leave and work abroad. She explained that she’d rather work hard here in the Philippines than be away.

She said, “Eh lalakasan ko rin naman ang loob ko para pumunta ng ibang bansa, why not lakasan ko rin ang loob ko dito at mag-online business ako? Kahit na wala akong background sa business.”

Abigail was fortunate that she got the guidance and support of her friends and families. She recalled how her cousin assured her that she would guide her.

“I’m very thankful for that,” Abigail added.

Image by Abigail Urquiola via Facebook

She quit her job at the hospital just months after she launched her online franchise business.

Abigail explained that it’s always good to start a food business. She said, “Kapag ang negosyo mo kasi ay pagkain, you can never go wrong talaga kasi lahat ng tao nagugutom.”

She explained that she didn’t have to pay rent since her business location was just at home. She also doesn’t need to pay for staff since she’s hands-on.

“So lahat ng income, yung net noon, sa akin,” Abigail happily shared.

Image by Abigail Urquiola via Facebook

In March 2021, Abigail was recognized when she got past the million-peso sales mark. She bought a car, and her mom’s wish a washing machine!

“May matutunan ka sa mga failures, sa mga challenges, sa mga success,” Abigail said.

Watch more of Abigail’s inspiring story from GMA’s Youtube channel:

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