‘Klepto-Cat’ keeps on ‘stealing’ things, owners had to set up a reclaim box

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A cat in the UK keeps on stealing things from its neighbors, so his owners had to set up a reclaim box.

A one-year-old pet cat named Charlie has been dubbed a “klepto-cat” by his owners because he kept on bringing home random things he picked up from around their neighborhood. Its owner, 41-year-old Alice Bigge decided that it’s best to return the things their “notorious” pet cat had stolen.

Image by @candycowstories via Twitter

To make it easier, Alice created a reclaim box of things that Charlie had ‘taken home’. She asked that her neighbors help themselves when they recognize things that belong to them. Alice posted the photo on Twitter with the reclaim box stating, “Our cat Charlie likes taking things. Do any of these belong to you? If they do, please help yourself.”

According to Alice, she found out that her pet cat was a ‘thief’ when she woke up next to a toy diplodocus on her pillow. Alice said Charlie kept on bringing back random things from as small as clothes peg to little skateboards. She had no idea how the cat manages to ‘steal’ and bring those things home.

She said on Good News Network, “He brought back a rubber duck recently, which was quite large and I have no idea how he managed that—and got it through the cat flap. He went through a phase of coming back with those little mini-skateboards too.”

Image by Canva Pro

Alice said they tried to keep Charlie inside their house for months but as soon as he was out, he kept bringing things back again. Charlie had never brought home a bird or a mouse but mostly toys.

But despite Charlie’s mischief, he is still very much well-loved. Alice said they understand their pet cat’s sense of adventure.

Image by Canva Pro

She explained, “I think there’s something about the quest that he enjoys. Whether it is discovering something new or just wanting to please me and bring his family a present. It’s so funny now that people are loving his story because we’ve been laughing about him for over a year. Whatever it is, we still love him to bits!”

What a mischievous but lucky cat!

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