Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero reveal daughter Rocket has Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero revealed that their daughter Rocket has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

On Instagram, the celebrity couple raised awareness on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by sharing their journey with Rocket. They admitted it took some time to reveal their child’s condition because they were still trying to learn and understand more about ASD.

Wearing matching shirts that read “Autism Awareness,” the couple encouraged other parents to be wary of the symptoms of ASD and to reach out for help as soon as possible.

According to Aubrey, autism shouldn’t be considered a problem and doesn’t mean your child is “crazy.” Aubrey also shared the common signs of ASD that their daughter presented.

She wrote, “Some people might think someone with autism acts crazy, has mental problems, physical issues, and other stuff. Yes, it’s mental but not a problem, yes can be physical but it’s not an issue and definitely not crazy. Autism is different for every kid. As for Rocket, she has the common symptoms like:”

  • Delayed speech
  • No eye contact
  • Difficulty communicating.
  • Can focus on one thing for hours.
  • Repetitive, she does things over and over again like running and flapping her hands Etc.

  • If you can say you’re an introvert because your doctor said, then you have to meet a kid/person with autism. Almost like an introvert, can be a loner but never alone.
  • She flaps her hands when she likes something, another way to address her emotions.
  • Cries her heart out like nobody’s around. From 1 she can get to 10 real quick. When you hear it, sounds like she’s getting hurt but really she just wants her toy or something that she cannot express.
  • Hard time controlling her emotions, sometimes there’s no middle. Happy or sad, Laughing or crying out loud, and doesn’t know how to stop.

The actress admitted it may be a bit scary for any mother to know that their child has ASD but there’s help and a community they can reach for support.

“You just need to know where to go, what you’re dealing with, find the right therapist, the right support groups, and lots of love. We’re still in the process of learning. It’s going to be a long ride,” she said.

Currently, Rocket is taking ST (Speech therapy) and OT (Occupational therapy) to help with her communication and basic life skills.

In the end, Aubrey and Troy motivated other parents of children with ASD to continue their faith and do the best they can for their children. They even encouraged other parents to message them for support.

“There’s a support group, a community for parents who have kids with autism. You’re not alone. We will embrace and understand each other. Keep your faith high and do the best that you can. Stay strong. Appreciate the love and growth of our kids,” Troy wrote.

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