Aspiring YouTuber-Vendor is Giving Away Free Taho If You Subscribe to His Channel

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When the pandemic struck in 2020, Filipinos were caught off guard by its sheer effect on their livelihood. Many lost their jobs, and some have to endure pay cuts while others look for other sources of income.

Thus, many turned to vlogging; hoping to earn from the monetization of their channels and contents.

This was also Tatay Gimmy Conos’ goal – to break into the world of social media vlogging and earn money for his family.

But Tatay Gimmy is no ordinary vlogger because he is actually a taho vendor from Quezon City plying the streets of Metro Manila everyday.

His gimmick? A free cup of taho in exchange for a subscription to his YT channel, and it paid off big time.

His story went viral last year when a netizen spotted him and posted his photos on Twitter.

“Boss pwedeng pa subscribe to my channel sa pilipinas kasi ngayon lahat bawal na” :((  hello! kindly subscribe tatay’s channel, nagbibigay siya ng taho for free para ma notice lang. kindly retweet!! God bless y’all,” Twitter user @gaviaa wrote along with Tatay Gimmy’s photos.

This tweet started it all and several netizens became curious about Tatay Gimmy, his free taho and his YT channel.

In just a few days, his channel’s subscribers shoots up to tens of thousands and has since been monetized.

Apart from this, according to Inquirer, Tatay Gimmy also received financial assistance worth P40,000 from concerned netizens after the tweet went viral.

Before becoming a YouTuber, Tatay Gimmy used to work in the construction industry but the job took a toll on his health. He had to quit construction and sell taho instead due to his old age and illness.

He is already known for giving free taho to children until one of his customers saw this kind gesture and encouraged him to start his own YT channel.

His life story was also featured on ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’.

If you haven’t watched it, here’s a link below.

As of this writing, he already has 374,000 subscribers on You Tube and has been streaming live regularly. Care to help? Just subscribe!

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