Woman lines up for hours to get swab test, turns out queue was for roasted chicken

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A woman in China got a frustrating but also funny faux pas. After waiting in line for hours to get a swab test, it turns out the line was for a popular roasted chicken.

Imagine spending hours waiting in line, only to find out it’s not what you expected. This is exactly what happened to a woman in China named Lena.

Image by ET Today

According to a Chinese news report by ET Today, Lena said the Covid-19 situation in Hangzhou, China had recently gotten worse. They were asked to take swab tests nationwide.

Because of her due diligence, Lena decided to wake up early since she expected that many will also be taking the swab test.

While near the hospital, she saw a long queue and decided to line up as well. For two long hours, Lena stood and waited for her turn to get tested.

Just when it was about her turn, she soon realized that the line was for a very popular roasted chicken. The store was just near the hospital, so it was easy to make a mistake.

According to Lena, she got so frustrated that she decided to buy two roasted chickens for her efforts. At least her efforts didn’t go to waste, right? Despite her failed attempt at a swab test, she got to taste the popular roasted chicken.

The funny but also frustrating incident went viral on Chinese news. Many netizens were so curious at how tasty the roasted chicken was that many people lined up for it.

Many netizens also asked Lena how she could miss the smell of roasted chicken while in line.  A report from World of Buzz translated some of the comments. Some stated, “That’s funny. How delicious is the chicken?”

“That’s weird. Can’t she smell the chicken in the queue?”

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